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Molly Kauffman

Molly Kauffman
Fitness and Wellness Specialist / Certified Yoga Therapist
Molly Kauffman

Molly Kauffman supports chronic pain patients to better understand the role fitness, wellness, and yoga play in their overall physical, emotional, and spiritual health and offers wellness programs and therapeutic yoga classes to all Caron Pennsylvania patients.

Molly collaborates with other members of the chronic pain treatment team at Caron to develop personalized wellness programs for chronic pain patients that incorporate therapeutic yoga as well as fitness components. Her role encompasses administrative leadership for the yoga program, scheduling and teaching classes, inventorying yoga accessories, and tracking attendance. She also assists the Breakthrough Program with guided relaxation and meditation techniques and therapeutic yoga classes.

Having worked at Caron since 2007, Molly understands the needs of the patients she works with and relies on her ability to listen and empathize to help them understand the critical importance of holistic wellness in recovery. She is able to accommodate all levels of fitness and aptitude in her classes.

Molly has been a seasoned practitioner and teacher of yoga therapy in several lineages of yoga since 2000 and a fitness/wellness coach since 1992. She is a certified personal trainer, certified yoga therapist, and certified associate addiction counselor. She holds certifications in Ayurvedic yoga, Yoga of Recovery®, trauma-sensitive yoga, wellness coaching, and yin yoga. Molly is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and the Yoga Alliance.

She has an associate degree in business from South Hills Business School, State College, Pennsylvania, and a certified associate addiction counselor’s certificate from the Pennsylvania Certification Board.

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