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Internet and Video Game Use Disorder Treatment

When technology use becomes consuming, turn to our pioneering program.

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At a Glance

  • Dr. Clifford Sussman, an expert in digital use disorder,

    collaborated with Caron to develop the program.

  • Digital detox is the first step

    in treatment with access added back in to help patients find a healthy balance.

  • Emphasis on behavior change and healthy use

    builds a foundation for a well-rounded, rewarding life in recovery.


Highlights of the Digital Use Disorder Treatment Program

Caron Renaissance has developed one of the first treatment tracks to treat internet and video game use disorder in clinical collaboration with Dr. Clifford Sussman. The program combines Caron Renaissance’s 30+ years of experience in treating process disorders and Dr. Sussman’s specialized knowledge in the treatment of internet and video game use disorders.

In today’s environment, screen time is a virtual must, but for those who may have a problem, there must be a balance to their use so they can lead healthy, well-rounded lives. Our therapeutic approach offers patients (age 18 and older) the chance to explore healthier activities like socializing with people face to face, playing sports, or taking up exercise, and finding activities for their interests that don’t include screen time. At the same time, they delve into the deeper issues that may have contributed to their use disorder guided by our expert therapists and counselors.

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Treatment components include:

  • Specific and thorough screening and assessment: Because of the amount of time we as a society spend using technology, an accurate assessment is a critical component of treatment, particularly upon arrival and then during the course of the patient’s stay.
  • Digital detox: Treatment begins with a digital detox for all screens—phones, tablets, laptops, televisions, etc. Access is added back in during treatment to help our patients learn and practice healthy balance.
  • Core counseling: Experienced therapists with knowledge of this disorder address issues underlying the addiction and provide strategies to change behavior in individual and group counseling sessions.
  • Specialty groups: These therapist-led groups focus on the specific issues related to internet and video game disorders to allow patients to share their experiences and work together on strategies for using technology in healthy ways.
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Pioneering treatment experts lead the team.

The team also includes licensed psychologists and psychiatrists, highly credentialed behavioral health therapists, and family therapists.

When treatment ends, our support continues.

Aftercare services provide extensive support for patients to use as needed, beginning with their primary/family therapist who works with them to develop an accountability and support plan. Group and individual therapy and peer-led support groups, among other services, can be incorporated into the plan as well as access to qualified therapists and programs around the world. Caron Renaissance patients can also access our medical staff as needed.


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