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Caron Treatment Centers accepts patients aged 13 years or older. For more information on services available to those 12 and under, please learn more about Caron's Student Assistance Program.
Even after treatment, Caron Renaissance is by your side.

Patients and family members will inevitably face challenges as treatment ends and sober living begins. At Caron, we understand that navigating living arrangements, careers, relationships and other important aspects of life can be difficult. Because strong support can help, patients and families transition through the first days, weeks and months of recovery via our Continuing Care Services.

We have tailored our Continuing Care Services to our patients’ unique needs at Caron Renaissance and Caron Ocean Drive. However, both are designed to extend and enhance the transformation that starts during treatment. Continuing Care helps patients and families stay connected to Caron and each other, seek feedback and advice, and feel supported through any challenges that come their way.

Continuing Care for Patients at Caron Renaissance

Caron Renaissance patients can count on us to remain by their sides after treatment. We do everything possible to equip each patient for sober living before treatment ends and through the first year of recovery. One week prior to discharge, every patient at Caron Renaissance receives personalized Continuing Care planning in order to maximize their abilities to live lives of sobriety, serenity, and sustained recovery.

In keeping with Caron's belief in customizing care, Continuing Care experts work with patients to establish highly individualized accountability and support plans. Experts help connect patients to recovery network resources around the world as well as aftercare services in the Boca Raton, Florida area. Continuing Care Services for Caron Renaissance alumni patients include:

  • Therapist lead clinical groups
  • Aftercare peer lead support groups
  • Structured individual counseling
  • Access to our medical staff following treatment (as necessary)
  • Regional alumni recharge weekends
  • Alumni buddy programs
  • Specialized college consulting services and support for students entering or returning to college
  • Caron Renaissance alumni activities, workshops, and retreats
  • Referral information and assistance
  • Subscription to the Caron Renaissance Family Voice newsletter, which keeps family members and alumni connected to Caron Renaissance and each other
  • Membership into the Caron Renaissance Alumni Association, where alumni are welcome to get involved and direct alumni programs, which includes events, fundraising opportunities, collegiate recovery and more.

Continuing Care for Families at Caron Renaissance

Multifaceted and personalized, Continuing Care Services for families are designed to guide and support Caron Renaissance alumni family members as they work through issues that were identified during treatment. Before families complete treatment with us, their therapists help them establish plans that addresses individual and family system concerns—such as boundaries and enabling—on an ongoing basis. Plans may recommend 12-Step meetings, home accountability contracts, self-care activities, or any combination of the following Continuing Care Services:

  • Phone calls or emails from staff members to check on the family’s status and ongoing recovery progress
  • Family alumni buddy program
  • Family counseling
  • Family recharge weekends
  • Subscription to the Caron Renaissance Family Voice newsletter, which helps Caron Renaissance families remain connected to the program and to other families who share similar histories of addiction-related experiences
  • Caron Renaissance Family Support Groups, which are designed to support Renaissance families through the recovery process. With support from Caron Renaissance staff, meetings are organized by alumni families. Please email for more information on starting a Family Support Groups in your area.

Continuing Care for Patients at Caron Ocean Drive

Each patient at Ocean Drive receives a Continuing Care plan designed to support his or her specific needs. These plans provide accountability, establish support systems, guide family recovery, and help to re-define relational roles along the way. Alumni clients and families are always welcome to turn to Ocean Drive for help, 24 hours a day. 7 days a week at no additional cost.

We also offer an Alumni Support Group every Monday at Ocean Drive. Current and former Ocean Drive patients come together to encourage each other’s sober living goals. Alumni can attend in person or by conference call. Either way, alumni continue to build meaningful bonds and find the support they need in recovery.

We're here for you.

Whether you need a helping hand or simply want to learn more about Continuing Care, please don't hesitate to contact our Alumni Relations Team:

Yasmin Sorte
Yasmin Sorte
Caron Renaissance Alumni Relations
Lyndsey McMillan
Lyndsey McMilian
Caron Renaissance Alumni Relations