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With Caron and its network of alumni, you are never alone. Rely on us to help you meet the challenges and celebrate the joys of recovery.

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At a Glance

  • Personalized continuing care plans

    provide specific recommendations that establish accountability and ongoing sobriety support and services.

  • Our support and guidance for families

    give everyone a shoulder to lean on as you build healthy lives in recovery.

Highlights of Continuing Care Services

Continuing Care Services at Caron Renaissance and Caron Ocean Drive support patients and families as they begin their lives in recovery.

Patients and family members will inevitably face challenges as treatment ends and acclimation to your life in recovery begins. Navigating living arrangements, careers, relationships, and all the other aspects of daily living isn’t always easy. Continuing Care Services help patients and families feel supported through challenges that come their way and maintain a connection to Caron and its network of alumni, providing a lifelong foundation for recovery.

Caron Ocean Drive: Continuing Care for Patients

Ocean Drive staff works with patients to create a customized continuing care plan that incorporates structure, routine, and accountability. It includes a plan for a comprehensive home recovery network to support a fulfilling life in recovery.

An anchor for patients, alumni, and families navigating life after treatment, Ocean Drive's Continuing Care services ensure smooth transitions into the real world. Plans provide accountability, establish support systems, guide family recovery, and help re-define relational roles along the way.

Prior to discharge, the clinical team works with the patient and their referring professional to design a Continuing Care Plan for the unique needs of each patient—from counseling sessions to ongoing assessments. We establish a comprehensive home recovery network, connecting patients to therapists and support resources in their hometowns.

To support and improve success in recovery from alcohol for some patients, we use an innovative remote alcohol monitoring system called Soberlink along with our My First Year of Recovery Program. It makes staying connected to the Caron team as easy as receiving a text message to take a breathalyzer. Results are transmitted in real-time to Caron’s My First Year treatment team, who will reach out personally to provide immediate help and be ready to intervene if needed. Soberlink and My First Year help patients feel supported and accountable to stay on track while also allowing the families to share in the recovery process and rebuild trust in their relationships.

Progressive Recovery Workshops also support alumni in Recovery For Life. Over the course of one to two weeks, these workshops build upon the foundation of the patient’s initial phase of treatment. Deeper exploration focuses on underlying issues, emotional regulation, effective communication and intimacy, and healthy coping mechanisms to help navigate through life. The workshops also include process groups specifically for alumni, specialty groups that incorporate both alumni and current clients, and individual sessions with a primary and family therapist.

Caron Renaissance: Ongoing Care for Patients

Caron Renaissance equips each patient for sober life before treatment ends and continues through their recovery. Care planning begins upon admission. Prior to discharge, every patient at Caron Renaissance works with their clinical team to create a collaborative personalized continuing care plan that establishes accountability and support.

Continuing care services for Caron Renaissance alumni may include:

  • Therapist-led clinical groups.
  • Individual counseling by licensed therapists for support in recovery.
  • Aftercare peer-led support groups and a unique alumni buddy programs to maintain meaning, purpose, and gratitude.
  • Caron Renaissance alumni activities, workshops, and retreats to enjoy social support.
  • Membership in the Caron Renaissance Alumni Association for monthly meetings and regular recreation/social events.
  • Stay connected and attend regional alumni recharge events/weekends.
  • Re-energized social life with a supportive network of alumni and families who are also celebrating recovery.
  • Access to our medical staff following treatment as necessary.
  • Consultation for college success services.
  • Ongoing help with referrals and assessments for a life-long recovery that evolves with life’s changes.

Caron Renaissance: Ongoing Care for Families

As Caron Renaissance alumni family members work through issues identified during treatment, they can rely on our continuing care services for guidance and support.

The clinical team, including the family therapist, works with the patient and family to create a plan to address specific concerns such as boundaries and enabling. The family member’s personal care plan is designed to provide structure and support in their ongoing recovery. It also may include self-care activities, 12-Step meetings, and other clinical services such as:

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Explore Caron’s recovery community.

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