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At a Glance

  • Recovery support services

    are designed to provide support for individualized needs, whether it is transitioning home from residential treatment, navigating a particularly stressful event, or needing additional recovery support.

  • Family services

    support and guide family members who have been affected by a loved one’s addiction, providing a roadmap for their own recovery and well-being.

  • Specialized support groups

    provide encouragement, accountability, and hope for people in recovery, significant others, and family members.

  • Customizable drug, alcohol, and nicotine prevention services and healthy living programs

    educate and support elementary and high school students.

Our resources support, connect, inform, and educate our community about substance use disorder, recovery, and prevention. Whether you need services for yourself, a family member, students, or clients, we can help you.

Recovery Support Services

We provide recovery support services for individuals from age 18 up through older adults. Our individualized, client-centered approach assists clients in successfully transitioning into their home environment, following through with aftercare recommendations, connecting to appropriate clinical resources, establishing local recovery connections, and taking recovery positive actions. Our current services include:

  • Reintegration Planning: A recovery support specialist works closely with the patient and their family (both in-person and virtually), as well as the Caron clinical care team to build a comprehensive, individualized plan for a successful transition from treatment back into the home environment.
  • Intensive Case Management: A recovery support specialist provides support and guidance via weekly phone or video conference sessions with additional check-ins as needed. The specialist works with the client to support their recovery progress and assist with goal setting and creating schedules. The specialist also coordinates with outpatient providers and oversees drug and testing and breathalyzer testing.
  • Individual and Family Recovery Coaching: Coaches support and guide clients to create a healthy, rewarding, and enjoyable life in recovery. Working with a coach weekly in person or via video conference allows for increased attention to recovery-related issues and provides the roadmap for recovery and wellness.
  • Screening: A recovery support specialist works with clients to determine which support services they need or recommend a higher level of care, if appropriate. Screening services are available to people beginning their lives in recovery, whether they were treated at Caron or elsewhere.

Family Services

These services support and guide family members who have been affected by a loved one’s addiction. A therapist meets via weekly phone or video conference sessions with family members to educate them about substance use disorder and refer them to supportive resources. Our half-day Family Education Program provides education about substance abuse, addiction, and treatment.

Support Groups

Support groups are integral to healthy, rewarding lives for people in recovery and their family members, providing encouragement, accountability, and hope. We currently offer groups for:

  • Individuals who are transitioning from treatment to recovery (Early Recovery Group)
  • Parents
  • Spouses, partners, and fiancés with a significant other new to recovery. (Significant Other Support – SOS)
  • Siblings who have lost someone through addiction
  • Families of Caron Renaissance alumni
  • Older adults
  • Emotional resilience, focused on skill-building for resilience and long-term recovery

Prevention Education and Early Intervention

The Student Assistance Program provides comprehensive, customizable drug, alcohol, and nicotine prevention services and healthy living programs for elementary and high school students as well as parents, caregivers, and youth-serving professionals. Caron partners with schools, families, communities, and other organizations to provide contracted, fee-for-service, and grant-funded programs and services to over 120,000 students, professionals, and parents/caregivers each year.

Community Events

Get information about all of Caron New York City’s upcoming events, which include educational as well as social events.

Caron New York Recovery Support Services is a private pay program. We collect payment at admission for agreed-upon services. As non-licensable services, there is no expectation of reimbursement through insurance. There are opportunities for financial assistance based on need.

Caron’s NY Virtual Gala on September 29th was an amazing success, raising $1.2M in financial aid to help with Recovery for Life and positively making a difference in so many lives! Hosted by our gala co-chairs, Molly Helfet and Susan Fromm. Honoring, John P. Fitzsimons with the Richard J. Caron Award of Excellence, Tony Aitoro with the Caron Partner in Recovery Advocacy Award and Will Healy with the Thomas J. Moran Caron Music Award and remembering our dear friends, Jim Abernathy, the Father of Caron NY and Neil Lasher the Gala Extraordinaire! The musical performance by ShoutHouse included a special Beatles medley as a tribute to Neil Lasher and can be viewed here. There were 500 people across the states that viewed the Caron NY Gala, the first ever virtual Gala for Caron Treatment Centers. To view the edited version of the gala please click here.

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