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Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Gwen Graham and Leaders at Caron Treatment Centers Discuss South Florida’s Opioid Epidemic

Graham and the leadership team at Caron Renaissance discussed the opioid crisis, the need for individualized treatment, and the role pharmaceutical companies play in today’s opioid epidemic

gwen graham

Boca Raton, Fla. (September 7, 2017)Caron Treatment Centers, a leading, nationally recognized not-for-profit provider of addiction and behavioral healthcare treatment, hosted a roundtable this week with former Rep. and Florida governor candidate Gwen Graham who spent a Graham Workday—a tradition started by her father that gives Graham the opportunity to work a full shift with her constituents—at Caron Florida. The workday took place on Tuesday, September 5 and allowed Graham to learn more about the opioid crisis and discuss strategies to combat it.

In commenting on the crisis and her intended plans, Graham announced, “Just as tobacco companies were held responsible for their actions and the negative health impacts tobacco had, we need to have that same approach with pharmaceutical companies and hold them accountable for the addiction crisis we are seeing.” Graham continued, “This is an incredibly difficult challenge that we face in the state of Florida. This is not a partisan issue – this is a recognition that we have a crisis in this state and those that have created the crisis should step up.”

gwen graham

“It was an honor to welcome gubernatorial candidate Graham to Caron Renaissance and discuss the most pressing addiction issues facing our South Florida community and proactive initiatives we can immediately take to make individualized treatment more accessible for individuals and families,” said Bradley F. Sorte, Executive Director of Caron Renaissance and Ocean Drive (Caron Treatment Centers). “We are facing an unprecedented epidemic not only in Florida but nationwide, and we cannot afford for one more second to pass without action that will nurture individualized, evidence-based treatment.”

Topics discussed between members of Caron Treatment Centers’ leadership team including Dr. Barbara Krantz, director of addiction medicine for Caron Renaissance, and Caron Treatment Centers staff, included the importance of individualized care, evidence-based treatment, the family program, and Caron’s approach to individualized treatment, while also taking a visit to Caron’s Neurofeedback therapy suite.

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PHOTO CAPTION: Top: The clinical team at Caron Renaissance addiction treatment center shows Democratic candidate for governor Gwen Graham how its Neurofeedback therapy works, beginning with a cap to monitor brain activity. Bottom: Dr. Barbara Krantz, Rep. Gwen Graham, Bradley F. Sorte, Ariella Jonas at Caron Renaissance

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