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Caron Treatment Centers Expands Its Neurorestorative Health Care Services

Caron Treatment Centers launches a new Neurocognitive Assessment Program at its Keele Medical Center to help individuals who are struggling with cognitive decline, decision-making, behavioral issues, anxiety, depression, trauma or other mental health issues

Delray Beach, FL - February 8, 2024 Caron Treatment Centers, a nonprofit behavioral healthcare leader for almost 70 years dedicated to treatment, research, prevention and addiction medical education, announces the expansion of its groundbreaking Neurorestorative Health Care services provided at The Keele Medical Center in Delray Beach, Fl. The expansion of services includes a new 10-day Neurocognitive Assessment for individuals seeking to optimize their brain function.

“Addiction, trauma, anxiety, depression, stress and other behavioral health issues physically change and negatively impact the brain, interfering with the reward system, executive function, memory, attention, concentration and more,” said Dr. Barbara Krantz, D.O., MS, DFASAM, MRO, Caron’s Florida Medical Director for the Older Adults Program, Withdrawal Management and Chronic Pain. “These brain changes directly impact the way we process the world - how we think, how we act, what we do, what we remember, how we react. By looking at brain function in combination with appropriate psychological and other testing, we are able to more accurately understand what’s happening with that individual, diagnose behavioral and mental health issues, as well as identify causes of cognitive decline, including dementia.”

Conducted by a neuro-integrated team of experts from the fields of medicine, psychology, clinical, and neurocognitive services, Caron’s new 10-day Neurocognitive Assessment provides a comprehensive evaluation to identify and define current brain function, including areas of deficit and over-stimulation. The Neurocognitive Assessment consists of a concierge medical evaluation, labs for biomarkers, targeted brain imaging studies, 19-channel quantitative electroencephalographic (QEEG) brain mapping and swLORETA neuroimaging, neuropsychological and psychological measures to assess neurocognitive proficiency, FDG-PET, as well as emotional and personality functioning.

“Our goal is optimizing brain health,” continued Krantz. “That’s why, as part of the assessment, we will provide a prescriptive Neurorestorative Health Care treatment plan that targets specific areas of the brain that need improvement or support.”

Under the direction of Dr. Adam Scioli, DO, DFAPA, FASAM, FAOAAM, Caron’s Corporate Medical Director and Head of Psychiatry, the neuro-integrated team includes Dr. Krantz and Dr. Yianoula Alexakis, PhD, Director of Neuropsychological Services, who together helped to pioneer the use of breakthroughs in brain science, advances in the treatment of traumatic brain injury and cutting-edge technology to diagnose and treat individuals suffering with mental health and substance use disorders. They are joined by psychologists Laura Marullo and Christina Kutikoff and Caron’s new Director of Neurocognitive Services Ciaran Tracey, MS, QEEG-D.

The new 10-day Neurocognitive Assessment is appropriate for individuals who:

  • Want to identify deficits in brain functioning which could be a result of substance abuse, mental issues, trauma, cognitive impairments and/or underlying behavioral health issues
  • Have sought treatment before, but may be experiencing cravings or other relapse behaviors, and/or have experienced a significant life change
  • Tried multiple treatments for a behavioral health issues with limited results and still have questions
  • Are concerned about the impact their alcohol, drug or prescription medications are having on them and whether they need additional treatment

“For more than a decade, patients in our Ocean Drive, Older Adult and Mental Health programs have benefited from Caron’s Neurorestorative Health Care protocols developed by Drs. Krantz and Alexakis,” explained Scioli. “We’re excited to share this expertise more broadly and expand our Neurorestorative Health Care offerings to help more individuals optimize their brain health.”

Individuals interested in more information about Caron’s 10-day Neurocognitive Assessment or its Neurorestorative Health Care can visit or call 877-369-0109.

Caron Treatment Centers

Caron Treatment Centers is an internationally recognized nonprofit dedicated to addiction and behavioral healthcare treatment, research, prevention, and addiction medicine education. Our mission is Recovery for Life and during our almost 70 years Caron has helped thousands of individuals struggling with behavioral health issues, including substance use disorder, begin to manage these brain diseases and find hope. Anchored by two medical centers on our Pennsylvania and Florida campuses and headquartered in Wernersville, Pennsylvania, Caron provides a comprehensive continuum of care that includes medical stabilization and detoxification, residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, outpatient programs, as well as Recovery support, family and alumni services. Caron also provides concierge signature treatment for executives, healthcare professionals and older adults and offers Neurorestorative Health Care at our Keele Medical Center in Palm Beach County, Fl. In addition to our Pennsylvania and Florida campuses, Caron provides services in Wyomissing, Pa, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and New York City. Caron accepts several major insurance plans and provides financial assistance for those who qualify. For more information, please visit or @CaronTreatment.

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