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Family Recovery


Addiction is a Family Disease

Families come to us for help because a loved one is trapped by addiction. Often families have been stretched to the breaking point, perhaps even beyond, in the struggle to deal with the “problem.” Addiction replaces trust, harmony, and serenity with lies and manipulations, uncertainties, hopelessness, fear, angst, and anguish.


How Do Mothers of Addicts Recover

From October 11 to 28, the Theater for the New City in New York City will present the world premiere of Recovery, my new play exploring the relationships of three sets of mothers and daughters as the daughters struggle to overcome addiction.


The Gift of Self-Care: How Recovery Taught Me to Love Myself

My issues with self-acceptance go all the way back to my early childhood. Before I was even 10 years old, I remember feeling worthless. This issue worsened during middle school and high school. It continued until my early adulthood when I was forced to confront this feeling of worthlessness during treatment. Today, acceptance, self-love and self-care are the foundation of my recovery.


Family Support & Treatment

The effects of addiction are intense and far-reaching. Just as addicted individuals suffer, families suffer from the deep-seated pain, stress, and turmoil that this powerful disease causes. For this reason, it is imperative that the whole family—not just the addicted individual—participates in comprehensive treatment.

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