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Ernest Bradshaw

Ernest Bradshaw
National Treatment Liaison

Ernest Bradshaw, a National Treatment Liaison, has been with Caron since 2002 and served as the Director of Admissions for Caron Renaissance and Ocean Drive for many years. Having been in the admissions field since 1992, he brings an extensive background in addiction and family systems to his work.

That background has given him deep empathy into the situations that both clients and families find themselves in. He uses that compassion to connect, listen, communicate with, and advise clients and their families. He assists them in understanding what is needed to bring about shifts that lead to sobriety, and overall healing for the entire family system.

As director, he supervises a team of highly trained admissions/case specialists. The insight he has gained in three decades of admissions experience, contributes to his ability to guide and ultimately lead his team to provide the necessary assistance needed for families and clients.

Ernest believes that “Caron sets a high bar of excellence, and I wanted to be part of that. I have found in this position the ability to be creative and provide value to our clients.” Ernest brings a level of integrity, knowledge, and honesty that permeates every interaction he has. His passion for what he does along with his belief in the work Caron does is always on the forefront.

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