The Education Department’s mission is to provide comprehensive substance use education and supportive services along the full continuum of care, from prevention to recovery, for students, families and professionals using evidence-informed and innovative strategies.

The Caron Education Alliance reflects our commitment to proactively supporting the health and well-being of students from Kindergarten through College.

Based on decades of research and clinical experience, the Caron Education Alliance represents a full portfolio of services along the continuum of care from substance abuse education and prevention to early intervention and treatment support.

Student Assistance Program

Providing customized services and programming to over 130,000 students, professionals, and caregivers each year.

Caron’s College Success® Program

Providing support to students throughout the Caron continuum to begin, continue or complete their academic goals in a high school, college, vocational school, or graduate school program.

Campus Engagement

We partner with colleges and universities to develop and provide customized programming for professionals, students and parents to address substance use on campus and promote a safe and supportive environment.

Digital Learning

Offering digital learning experiences focused on substance use prevention and intervention strategies for teens.