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Veterans Healing Through Connection

A free therapeutic couples counseling workshop for current and former service members and their significant others.

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Caron Treatment Centers accepts patients aged 13 years or older. For more information on services available to those 12 and under, please learn more about Caron's Student Assistance Program.

About Veterans Healing Through Connection

Held in various locations across the country, Veterans Healing Through Connection is a 3-day workshop designed to help active service members, veterans and their significant others create, strengthen and restore healthy intimacy.

During individual and group couples counseling, participants will practice connecting, communicating and understanding relationship dynamics. Ultimately, participating couples develop strong foundations for loving, productive, collaborative relationships. 

The program is open to any committed couple, regardless of marital status. All couples complete a brief intake form and are clinically screened by our facilitators in order to ensure that the workshop is an appropriate fit. We reserve the right to make final decisions on admission to the workshop.

Benefits of the workshop include:

  • Small, friendly group setting
  • Free accommodations 
  • Great food and relaxation
  • Developed by licensed therapists, including a career Navy veteran

Workshop topics include:

  • Turning barriers to intimacy into points of connection
  • Turning towards your partner rather than away in times of stress
  • Facing stressful situations—including deployment, return from deployment, extended family, parenting, relocation and geo-bachelor issues—together 


Thanks to the generosity of several donors, including the Arlene and Michael Rosen Foundation, Veterans Healing Through Connection is free for qualifying couples (a $2,100 value). Previous attendees are not eligible. 

Upcoming Workshops

2018 dates to be announced soon!

    For additional information contact:

    Joe Lauginiger

    Please note: Childcare is not provided and children are not permitted on the workshop premises.

    There are many programs for our veterans…we have attended several over the years. In my opinion, none are better than Caron’s Veterans Healing Through Connection. I was never more equipped, inspired and empowered! I was left with hope.”
    Robert and his wife Victoria

    “This program is highly impactful and an effective tool for strengthening families that have already sacrificed much for our country. It is one of the best and most tangible ‘thank you’s’ I’ve seen...”--Randy

    “We have attended other couple workshops and this by far was the most effective. It was well scheduled, moved along, and was individualized in a group setting. I found myself rooting for the other couples to get closer, recognizing my marriage in their struggle and feeling empowered to change what goes wrong in my own behaviors.”—Elizabeth

    “The personnel running the program and doing the counseling were freaking awesome. Their knowledge on the subjects and the way they incorporated it into the program…was just amazing.”--Adam

    “I connected with my husband in a way that was new and refreshing. I connected with other military couples and bonded with them on a new level.” –Kim

    “It was so refreshing to know and learn that there are so many other couples out there that struggle with the same issues. It really opened our eyes and mostly our hearts! I know my husband and I gained so many valuable lessons and discovered so many things about each other that we never knew. This was so amazing!” --Bonnie

    “Many marriages were on the rocks and your investment by providing this workshop saved another marriage and kept a family together.”—Cliff

    “Great weekend! As an introvert I was very worried about what I would have to share. I learned so much about myself through others and through the ‘lecture’ and exercises. I also learned many things about my husband. I would wholeheartedly recommend this program to others.” --Rhonda
    FAQ: Who Can Attend?

    Q: Is this program for “active duty” military only?
    A: No, if you or your partner serve as active duty, reserve, or have retired from the US Military, you are eligible to attend.

    Q: Are there any age requirements?
    A: All participants must be 18 or over.

    Q: Do we have to be married?
    A: Couples do not have to be married, but must be in a committed relationship. Couples should not be separated or divorced.

    FAQ: About the Program

    Q: How long is the program?
    A: The program will begin on Friday at 2:00 p.m. and end on Sunday at noon. Couples should be willing to attend the entire retreat and participate in all activities.

    Q: How is this program different from treatment?
    A: This workshop is not treatment or counseling. Participants cannot have any medical or psychiatric conditions that would require significant attention, preclude participation or distract from the retreat experience. Couples must also be willing and able to abstain from alcohol use for the entire workshop.

    Q: Why is the event being offered free of charge? Are you going to try to sell me something?
    A: Veterans Healing Through Connection workshops are possible because of a generous grant given to Caron Treatment Centers. There will be no active solicitation or sales pitch. As part of our efforts to ensure the best care possible, therapeutic referrals may be given if desired.

    Q: Isn't Caron Treatment Centers for treating drug and alcohol addiction? Is this workshop addiction-related?
    Caron Treatment Centers is a nationally recognized non-profit provider of alcohol and drug addiction treatment. Breakthrough at Caron is part of the Caron continuum of care. The Breakthrough program focuses on personal and relational growth, healthy intimacy and breaking dysfunctional relationship patterns. Although the counseling staff is very knowledgeable about most compulsive disorders, the Breakthrough workshop has no direct connection to addiction or the Caron treatment programs.

    Q: Does this workshop address issues related to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)?
    This workshop is not treatment for PTSD. The goal of this workshop is to create, strengthen or restore connection and healthy intimacy in your relationship. With that said, couples counseling has been shown to improve symptoms related to PTSD.

    Q: How many people can attend the workshop at one time?
    Participation is limited to a maximum of seven couples per group.

    Q: What kinds of activities will be a part of the workshop, and what kinds of issues will we address?
    Couples will participate in a variety of activities that will help them strengthen relationships, open lines of communication, understand one another's perspectives, overcome relational obstacles and grow individually and as a couple. Activities are done as a couple and as a group.

    Q: What is the structure of the program?
    Each weekend retreat will be led by at least two facilitators. The program is designed to allow couples a combination of meaningful growth opportunities as well as relaxation and recreation.

    Q: Who developed this workshop, and how do they understand the needs of military families?
    The workshop was developed by licensed marriage and family therapists, including a retired Navy serviceman. These licensed professionals have many years of experience working with individuals, couples and families on a variety of issues.

    Q: Will my military unit and/or commanding officer know about my participation or issues addressed?
    A: Only if you share it with them. There will be no written case notes or formal record kept. Facilitators are ethically and professionally bound by strict confidentiality. The weekend workshop is not affiliated with or required to be report to any military branch or organization.

    FAQ: Accommodations

    Q: Are accommodations provided?
    A: Yes! Accommodations vary based on the workshop location, but each case will include a private and comfortable bedroom, bathroom and all meals for the weekend.

    Q: Can I bring my children?
    A: Accommodations for children are not provided and children are not allowed on the premises. Couples must arrange for safe and reliable child care.

    FAQ: General Information

    Q: Is there anything else I should know?
    A: This workshop is not treatment or counseling. Participants cannot have any medical or psychiatric conditions that would require significant attention, preclude participation, or distract from the retreat experience. Couples must also be willing and able to abstain from alcohol use for the entire weekend experience.