COVID-19 Update

Caron Remains Open

Caron prioritizes the health, safety and wellbeing of our patients, staff and community. As a medical provider treating substance use disorder, Caron continues to take action to mitigate the risks of COVID-19 to patients and staff – including requiring staff to either be vaccinated for COVID-19 or undergo COVID-19 weekly testing. We also test patients for COVID-19 upon arrival and monitors all of its patients for symptoms of COVID-19 throughout their stay. While in our care, Caron also helps patients who are interested, receive COVID-19 vaccines from vaccination locations in the local community. Additionally, at all of our locations, Caron requires indoor masking for all patients, staff and visitors and follows CDC, state and local COVID-19 guidance and mandates.

Caron Pennsylvania, Caron Renaissance, and Caron Ocean Drive are here for you and your patients. Our teams remain ready to provide our world-class care for those suffering with substance use disorder and behavioral health issues.

In response to COVID-19, Caron is committed to a strong screening and surveillance program that identifies any potential COVID-19 cases in either our patients or staff. Our pre-admission screening, onsite screening, and surveillance programs, coupled with our mitigation initiatives (which include maintaining six feet of social distance and requiring patients and staff to wear face masks or coverings) are working. Here is how we are able to maintain our safety and security:

  • Screening & Testing that is Accurate - Caron uses the active virus nasopharyngeal antigen test on incoming patients. All patients are escorted directly into isolation rooms away from the treatment population pending results of COVID-19 testing. The nasopharyngeal swab test is the most accurate test for active and symptomatic/asymptomatic infection of COVID-19. Caron uses this test when we admit new patients to both of our campuses. While waiting for their results, which is only a few hours, patients stay in isolation. Should a patient test positive, Caron will continue to treat the patient.
  • Surveillance & Protocols that Work - Our surveillance program includes symptom checks and screenings for fever of 99.5 or above multiple times for our patients. Staff also are screened at the beginning of their shifts and are asked to check their temperatures throughout the day away from work. We restricted visitors from our campuses and moved non-clinical and non-medical staff to work remotely. Despite not allowing visitors to our campuses, families remain an integral part of the treatment process. By using WebEx and other technologies, we are able to provide programming for families.


We continue to provide intensive outpatient and outpatient services in person and virtually at Caron Atlanta, Caron Outpatient in Wyomissing, Caron Philadelphia and Encore Outpatient Services. We will be offering individual and group sessions for current patients and other individuals suffering with substance use disorder who are uncomfortable or unable to leave their homes. We also will be able to offer evaluation services via telehealth, pending insurance approval.

Please reach out to our regional location for specific services that are offered either in person or virtual.


At the guidance of local and national officials, we have restricted visitation on our campuses, moved non-essential staff members to work remotely, and launched virtual programs and services throughout the continuum. In addition, our Recovery Centers in Philadelphia and New York City are now offering all services remotely.


Many alumni join us for fellowship at Caron’s weekly Sunday Chapel Services on our Pennsylvania campus. To protect patients currently on campus for treatment, we ask all visitors (including those who planned to attend to receive their celebration coins) to refrain attending Chapel until further notice. We know that Chapel is a special and sacred place for many, and we will re-connect with you when the visitation restrictions are lifted. Click here to read the full statement from our Chapel Team.


Caron is connected to support groups throughout the nation. Some regions are under tighter restrictions than others. At this time, most Alumni, Parent, Family and Fellowship Support Groups will continue to meet. When participating in these meetings, we encourage attendees to practice “social distancing” by maintaining 4 ft. of personal space and refraining from shaking hands, hugging and hand-holding. Your Regional Alumni Coordinator can answer any additional questions and will be in touch with any changes in schedule or cancellations.


With the safety and well-being of our Caron community in mind, the decision to postpone Caron events will be made on a case-by-case basis. Should an event be postponed, we will notify registrants and update Caron’s website and events registration page with real-time information.

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