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Campus Engagement

Caron’s customized programming and services for students, parents, and faculty/staff helps colleges and universities to address substance use and promote a safe environment.

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A college or university campus allows students to explore their interests, grow in their sense of identity, and learn how to manage new challenges. As students live into those possibilities and face those challenges, some may also struggle with substance use concerns.

Caron’s Campus Engagement Program uses evidence-informed practices to assist colleges in addressing substance use concerns among their students. Caron can provide services for students as well as for students and their families. We also work with colleges and universities to create safe and healthy learning environments for students.

Campus Partnership

Caron uses an institution’s strengths, assets, and needs to develop programs and services specific to that institution, its students, parents, faculty, and others. To ensure that programs are successful, we provide ongoing support, consultation, and follow-up. Examples of institutional support include:

  • Developing a customized program specific to the needs of the campus.
  • Providing specialized training for staff and faculty.
  • Performing a comprehensive campus asset/needs assessment.
  • Providing expert content on prevention, wellness, and substance use concerns for distribution within the campus community.
  • Consulting on-campus drug and alcohol policies.
  • Referring to appropriate treatment services.
  • Advising on-campus supports for students in recovery.

Student Services

Based on decades of clinical and research experience, our programs address college students’ varying concerns regarding substance use. Our direct services to students on campus include prevention and wellness, group education, brief intervention, referral to treatment, and recovery support. Through these services, we seek to empower students to make healthy, informed choices and connect them with the best resources to meet their needs.

Parent Engagement

Parents play a vital role in supporting their students to be healthy and successful in college. Caron can provide parents and family members with the knowledge and skill set to best identify and address any concerns that may arise. Opportunities such as parent orientations and family weekends can be ideal for delivering important information, such as:

  • Substance use policies on campus.
  • Warning signs of high-risk drinking/use.
  • How to have a supportive discussion with your student.
  • Key campus and community resources.

Caron’s Menu of Services

We have a variety of services for campus administration, staff, and faculty.

Collegiate recovery program advising: A recovery program can be an integral component of the full continuum of behavioral health support on campuses. Caron can advise on best practices for establishing a successful, sustainable recovery program that may include substance-free social events and/or housing, dedicated space and staff, and on-campus support groups.

Comprehensive campus asset assessment with recommendations: Caron uses a multi-faceted assessment process to identify a campus' strengths, assets, and needs regarding substance use programming and supports for students. Based on those findings, Caron makes recommendations and identifies strategies to enhance campus programs to address the full continuum of substance use support services.

Consultation on the campus' alcohol/drugs policy: Caron reviews current alcohol and other drug policies and advises staff as to best practices to enhance the institution's academic environment and student safety.

Customized educational content: Caron can provide expert content on wellness, prevention, research, and resources regarding substance use concerns for distribution to students, parents, and/or the broader campus community through a variety of platforms.

Staff/faculty professional development: Caron offers professional development that addresses topics such as:

  • The role of staff and faculty in identifying students with substance use concerns.
  • Current drug and alcohol trends.
  • Best communication practices.
  • Prevention and wellness strategies.

For Students

Assessment/brief intervention services: As one of the country’s premier drug and alcohol treatment centers, Caron has the expertise and experience to address the issues of young adults struggling with alcohol and other drug use. Our assessments and brief interventions are done by trained professionals and include a recommendation for follow up as well as personalized feedback and motivational enhancements.

Student leadership/peer training: Peers can serve as excellent advocates to promote wellness, prevention, and support efforts. Caron’s training for residence assistants, peer mentors, student athletes, and other campus leaders teaches them to identify and appropriately address issues including mental health and substance use concerns. Training is customized for the specific peer group and setting. Topics include:

  • Current trends in college high-risk drinking.
  • Secondary effects of alcohol on campus communities.
  • Safety concerns.

Student orientation support: Campus engagement specialists also present to incoming students during orientation, addressing topics like:

  • Prevention and wellness.
  • Substance-free alternatives.
  • Myths and realities.
  • Campus resources.
  • Social norms.

Substance use education groups: Caron’s supportive educational intervention for students who have violated policy makes use of the “teachable moment” after the violation to provide information on the dangers of high-risk drinking and introductory information on substance use disorders. Students are also encouraged to evaluate their relationship to substances and determine strategies for success.

For Parents

Parent intervention training: A Caron campus engagement specialist can provide coaching and guidance to parents who are concerned about their child’s substance use.

Parent orientation presentations: Caron campus engagement specialists are available to present on topics such as:

  • Current trends.
  • Parenting for prevention.
  • Encouraging appropriate strategies to help their child launch.
  • How to identify and address substance use concerns.

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