We know that choosing a rehab facility is a difficult decision.  To help you make the right choice, we have included reviews and testimonials from former alumni, parents, and loved ones who have placed their trust – and lives – in the hands of Caron PA’s renowned staff.  We hope these candid remarks will give you insight into Caron’s reputation for cutting-edge expertise, unparalleled compassion, and remarkable, life-saving efficacy. 

“Through my experiences with Caron I’ve become a better son, father and uncle.  Treatment was not easy but it taught me to fight for what was good and what was real – my life.  Looking back four years later, my time at Caron was the best and toughest thing that could have ever happened to me.  I honestly believe that if I hadn’t found Caron I would be a very lonely person probably locked up in jail or worse, dead.  I haven’t looked back after leaving Caron; only forward at all the wonderful things ahead for me.  Things that probably wouldn’t be happening if I were still using. There are a wonderful group of talented people working at Caron; they are truly angels in disguise.”
Stefan T.
April 2013

“Family is such an important part of Caron’s work.  I drug my feet and didn’t want to attend the family program when our son was in treatment.  I always had the attitude that his drug problem was something he had to deal with.  Sitting with other parents and hearing their stories and struggles made me realize that I, too, needed help and needed to embrace support.  The family educators at Caron are nothing short of miraculous.  They were able to take a stubborn 55 year old man, set in his ways, and have him open up and embrace changes that needed to happen in our family.”
Richard B.
December 2012


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