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My First Year of Recovery

My First Year of Recovery Outcomes.

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A roadmap for success.

At Caron, we believe that one never truly graduates from a recovery program—chronic illnesses like addiction require ongoing support, accountability, and structure. My First Year of Recovery is a private, online social platform personalized for recent patients and their families. Individuals enrolled in the program are given a personalized post-treatment roadmap designed by clinical support staff to help alumni and their family members navigate the challenges of maintaining sobriety in early recovery.

How it works.

My First Year of Recovery helps patients and families commit to abstinence using Caron’s six core elements:

  1. Interactive Recovery Care Support: Recovery Care Specialists recommend activities and resources based on an individual’s unique goals and challenges.
  2. Recovery for Life Contract: Helps prevent relapse.
  3. Randomized Drug and Alcohol Screens: Build daily accountability.
  4. The Circle of Support: Foster honest and open communication.
  5. Caron Recovery Library: Audio, video, and interactive materials.
  6. Online Groups for Social Support: Access to anonymous peer communities.

Additionally, Caron professionals help patients and families reach the following four milestones as they work through My First Year of Recovery:

  1. Integrating into a Life of Recovery
  2. Utilizing Support
  3. Stepping into Action
  4. Carrying the Message

Additionally, My First Year of Recovery participants will receive frequent calls from clinical staff. Clinical staff will also stay connected to participants’ Circle of Support, which may include a therapist, family members, peer assistance and/or an employer.

In order to support and improve communication between Caron’s clinical team and My First Year of Recovery patients and families, frequent phone calls are arranged, as well as the ability to speak via video.  Using an app that is supported by smart phones and computers, the treatment team is able to have two-way video calls.  The phone and video communication allows not only the clinicians to stay in touch with My First Year participants, but it also allows them to stay connected to a participant’s Circle of Support, which may include a therapist, family members, peer assistance and/or an employer making for a more meaningful and personable experience for all involved.

Participants of the program may have the potential to participate in Caron’s Breakthrough program – a five-day program to help adults overcome obstacles that have blocked their efforts to develop healthier relationships, positive connections, and emotional stability.

Part of your Recovery Care plan.

Though My First Year of Recovery is a valuable tool, it is not a substitute for other Recovery Care treatment. It’s just one more way to help you achieve and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Five years of data collected from participants who completed the My First Year of Recovery program have shown extraordinary results.

  • 56.7% of alumni of the My First Year of Recovery program were continuously abstinent at completion of the one-year program.1
  • 74.2% of alumni were abstinent at completion of the one-year program.1 When there was a relapse, the program’s high reengagement rate helped the alumni to get back on track with their recovery plan.
  • 93% of Caron patients report that their quality of life is good to very good.2
  • 68% of random urinalyses are completed with 94% testing negative for alcohol and drugs.3
  • 81% of participants who completed the program continue to attend on-going outpatient treatment and are working a recovery program.1
  • 90.4% of participants attend 12-step meetings and 80.4% had secured a sponsor following the completion of the program.1

1Self-reported by MyFYR patients, November 2012 - December 2016.
World Health Organization, Quality of Life Scale BREF, 2004, adapted for Caron’s My First Year of Recovery Program, participant data as of December 2016.
CSS, Inc. through Quest Labs. Caron's MyFYR program, participants, data as of December 2016.

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