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My First Year of Recovery

The help you need when you need it, giving you expert guidance, support, and accountability to create a healthy life in recovery.

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At a Glance

  • A dedicated, supportive recovery specialist

    helps you plan for and achieve a fulfilling life in early recovery.

  • Monitoring tools – like drug and alcohol screenings –

    provide accountability.

  • Peace of mind, reassurance, and support for family members

    make My First Year of Recovery an important part of their life in recovery as well.

Highlights of My First Year of Recovery

Caron’s My First Year of Recovery Program incorporates elements that you can rely on for guidance, support, accountability, and resources in early recovery. This program, which provides support over the course of 12 months, is also a supportive resource for your family members.

Caron’s My First Year was modeled after successful professional monitoring programs, such as those used by healthcare professionals and airline pilots. Like those programs, My First Year provides structured support and protocols that include coaching, random alcohol/drug testing, and participation in recovery/support groups like AA.

My First Year of Recovery provides support and encouragement as you work on your recovery plan, putting in place a foundation for recovery for life.

Flexible Arrangements to Meet Your Needs and Goals

Upon enrolling in the program, you will meet with a designated Caron recovery specialist either via phone or a video conference to discuss your needs and what you want to accomplish as you work on your recovery plan.

While the core components—the phone calls and monitoring—are key to how the program works, recovery specialists work with clients and family members to create plans that meet their needs.

If at the end of a year of working together, you wish to continue working with the recovery specialist, you can extend your participation in the program.

A Responsive Program to Meet Challenges as They Arise

Life is not smooth, and neither is recovery. It is to be expected that challenges and obstacles are going to come up in your early recovery journey. Your recovery specialist partners with you and your family to ensure that those challenges are solved as quickly as possible. If you have sleeping issues or do not match with your sponsor, for example, your specialist will work with you to determine a solution. If a re-occurrence of use occurs, your specialist will work with you and your family to get you the help you need by using the resources you already have, adding new support, or intervention to another level of care if necessary.

An Ally and Coach

Your recovery specialist helps guide you as you work toward a fulfilling life in recovery. You can place your confidence in their expertise and experience working with people in recovery and treatment and their family members.

Your recovery specialist will:

  • Assist with managing and processing triggers or negative emotions as they come up during various activities.
  • Help you to identify and develop personal strengths that support a recovery-positive lifestyle.
  • Assist with short- and long-term goal setting.
  • Case management to assist you in developing a strong local recovery support network, for example, finding recovery programs and therapists to schools with sober living programs or holistic therapies like yoga or mindfulness classes.
  • Manage and nurture important relationships
  • Work with you to resolve specific challenges to sobriety in your daily life.

With weekly phone or video conference calls as the cornerstone, your recovery specialist serves as your advocate, coach, case manager, and monitor. As the two of you develop a therapeutic alliance, you build a relationship founded on trust. With that trust, they can support and accompany you as you rebuild a healthier, more joyful life in recovery.

In addition to scheduled weekly meetings, recovery specialists are available to answer questions or provide support.

Your recovery specialist will also make monthly calls to your therapist or outpatient provider to ensure that everyone is working toward the same goals and outcomes.

Monitoring Tools to Provide Accountability and Peace of Mind

My First Year of Recovery offers additional support with monitoring tools that provide accountability and peace of mind. Your recovery specialist will send random alcohol and drug screening requests multiple times a month. We work with you to communicate with your family if you miss a test or it comes back positive. My First Year of Recovery also monitors through Soberlink, a wireless breathalyzer system, which is done twice daily. Depending on your needs, additional screenings and breathalyzer testing can be added.

Many clients who have participated in My First Year of Recovery report that these monitoring tools have been just what they needed to remain accountable in their recovery.

InRecovery App Is by Your Side

The InRecovery app is a bit like having a supportive, empowering community in your pocket. That is a great way to start your life in recovery. The app, developed specifically to meet the needs of My First Year of Recovery participants and families, puts the recovery tools you find most helpful all in one place:

  • Communicate with your recovery specialist and schedule meetings.
  • Access recovery resources that can keep you healthy and fulfilled in recovery, from yoga and meditation to a digital journal so you can describe how you are feeling.
  • Check in with your recovery specialist by responding to quick and easy surveys.
  • Join Caron’s Sober Circles to find community with others also on the road of Recovery for Life. It is a great place to lean on, learn from, and share with others who understand your experience.

Using the InRecovery app also helps your recovery specialist better understand how you are doing in recovery and offer targeted guidance and tools that can better support you.

For Family Members or Your Support Team

Family members who participate in My First Year of Recovery deeply appreciate the peace of mind and reassurance the program brings. With an experienced, empathetic advocate supporting their loved one and monitoring tools in place, family members are freed up to work on their own recovery.

Through bi-weekly calls, the recovery specialist helps family members to:

  • Identify “emotional triggers” for each family member and provide guidance to get through them.
  • Figure out how to set healthy boundaries.
  • Find their roles in a new healthy family system.
  • Understand the importance of support such as Al-anon, therapy, and other supports and how to find them.
  • Make time to take care of themselves.

My First Year of Recovery gives them the same support in that work as it does you. Biweekly calls, whether audio or video, offer family members a safe and compassionate space to discuss their concerns with an expert recovery specialist. They can get answers to questions like “Where do we go from here?” and “What do we need?” along with guidance and direction for creating healthy, more open communications and setting boundaries. Recovery specialists can help them identify resources and organizations to help, from therapists and counselors to 12-step and similar recovery programs.

Family calls with the client, family, and both recovery specialists provide an opportunity for everyone to discuss how things are going. These calls are a safe place to address any concerns or discuss topics that would benefit from the insight and expertise of the recovery specialists.

InRecovery App for Family Members

The InRecovery app is available to family members too, providing the same safe, secure place to engage with their recovery specialist and engage with other families who are on the same journey they are. Your InRecovery app provides:

  • A convenient way to be in touch with their recovery specialist.
  • Access to educational resources and webinars.
  • A place in a community of other families through Sober Circles.

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