Philadelphia Community Service Awards Breakfast

This event honors those who, through their efforts, have unselfishly committed themselves to heighten awareness, promote prevention and deliver treatment as an alternative to the pain of addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

Award Categories

Addiction Professional Award - This award recognizes an addiction counselor, therapist or caseworker who is a leader in providing treatment services to individuals and their families. This award recognizes this exemplary leader’s key efforts and initiatives in the success of those seeking the path of recovery.

Brian H. Early Community Leadership Award - This award is named after the late Brian Early, who served on Caron Philadelphia’s Leadership Council, and was an accomplished businessman who shared his time and talents in various volunteer efforts to raise awareness about the disease of addiction. Treatment organizations, professionals, clergy, volunteers and mentors are the stewards of recovery within a community. This award recognizes a community leader or community-based organization with a proven track record of leadership with regard to identifying the negative consequences of chemical dependency through education, awareness, program delivery or counseling services.

Community Youth Leadership Award - This award recognizes a teen, young adult or youth group that has an outstanding leadership presence within their community. They have been successful in identifying the negative consequences of chemical dependency through education, awareness and other activities.

John J. Duffy, Jr. Legal Professionals Award - Legal professionals, as well as uniformed public servants, play an important role in recognizing addiction as a disease while assuring that individuals realize the negative consequences of their continued drug or alcohol use. This award recognizes an individual who has done an outstanding job in either the legal or uniformed public service fields by combating chemical dependency through due process of the law, prevention and/or education.

Healthcare Professional Award - Because of the numerous physical symptoms of alcoholism and chemical dependency, as well as the trust engendered by health professionals, they are in a unique position to guide individuals toward the appropriate treatment of addiction. This award recognizes an outstanding healthcare professional, such as a nurse or doctor, who exemplifies a spirit of caring, compassion and commitment.

Terry Muzzy Educational Excellence Award - This award is named after the late Terry Muzzy, an educator who touched the lives of generations of students and inspired fellow co-workers, school administrators and parents.

In the public and private sectors, educators play a highly significant role in helping young people understand the real consequences of addiction to drugs and alcohol. Educators help recognize, confront and refer struggling students to appropriate treatment and play a key role in their ongoing recovery. He/she can have a profound impact upon self-esteem, self-concept and personal motivation. In the same token, educational institutions play an extremely important role in assisting students who may have a problem with chemical dependency by guiding them into appropriate treatment.

This award recognizes an outstanding individual who has demonstrated exceptional wisdom and leadership, like that of Terry Muzzy, or an institution that has proactively supported and embraced programs that educate students, families and communities to understand the negative consequences of alcohol or drug use through awareness.

Father Bill Spirituality Award - This award recognizes an individual or organization dedicated to religious/spiritual life, such as clergy, religious nun, lay minister, etc. whose efforts have helped fight chemical dependency through intervention, prevention or education.

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