Outpatient Treatment for Substance Use Disorder

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Our substance use disorder treatment is evidence-based, individualized, and comprehensive.

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At a Glance

  • In-network insurance contracts

    are available.

  • Patients and families

    benefit from Caron’s more than 65 years of addiction treatment experience.

  • Comprehensive evaluations

    ensure that treatment targets the patient's clinical needs and goals.

  • Outpatient treatment options

    are tailored to treat substance use disorder and related issues.

  • Individual counseling

    focuses on a patient's or family's specific needs and concerns.

  • Alumni groups

    offer support and friendship for patients and families.

  • Prevention and education programs

    benefit the community.

Located in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, Caron Outpatient Treatment Center offers customized and comprehensive treatment for substance use disorder. With a range of outpatient programs and services for teens, adults, and their families, the Center provides help and support to the whole family as they move toward a healthy life in recovery.

Outpatient Evaluations

An initial thorough evaluation enables our staff to learn about the patient’s physical, emotional, behavioral, and environmental health. If the evaluation indicates that there is a substance use disorder that requires treatment, staff creates an individualized treatment plan incorporating the patient’s needs and goals.

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Educational Orientation Program

Treatment is not always necessary. This series of three hour-long educational sessions, led by a therapist, is for teens and adults who need to better understand substance use, its dangers, and when they should seek treatment. The program can be tailored to provide support, guidance, and direction for the participant’s specific situation.

Treatment Services

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  • Primary outpatient groups: Patients get in-depth education about addiction and recovery in order to better understand the degree to which substance use disorder has impacted them. They also learn how to overcome self-defeating attitudes and solve problems in healthier and more constructive ways.
  • Intensive outpatient groups: This highly structured program provides a safe and therapeutic environment for patients to stabilize in early recovery. They examine the self-defeating behaviors and attitudes that can be an obstacle to recovery, learning how to adapt healthier ways of coping and solving problems. Family members benefit from the multi-family group, which provides support and education.
  • Teen groups: Teens can be placed in the primary outpatient or intensive outpatient group, depending on their evaluation. These groups focus on teen-specific issues such as: peer pressure, dealing with cravings, developing healthy coping tools, communication, finding sober activities, and developing a sober identity. Teens also receive frequent drug screens. Parents are invited to the multifamily group.
  • Adult trauma-focused groups: This group is ten weeks in length with the common thread throughout groups being a foundational understanding of the impact of their trauma on their current life. This will include exploration of how their substance use and trauma intersect. Patients focus on understanding how their trauma history impacts their current lives, including the intersection of their trauma and substance use. Individual therapy may also be part of a patient’s treatment plan, if indicated.
  • Gambling addiction counseling: A clinical expert, certified in gambling counseling, works with patients individually to interrupt the patterns of addictive behavior and develop abstinence skills.
  • Individual counseling: Individual counseling helps patients progress toward their individualized goals in early recovery. Patients often also participate in groups as well.
  • Recovery maintenance group: Teens and adults in this group learn coping skills, good self-care, and how to deal with emotions and solve problems in everyday life.

Family Services

  • Multifamily group: Family members who have a loved one in the intensive outpatient group learn how addiction impacts families and the role of the family members in the recovery process. They also learn how growing up in families with addiction or dysfunction can contribute to addiction-related issues in the future.
  • Individual family counseling: These sessions offer support and guidance for individual families. Family members benefit from better understanding the impact of addiction, the need for boundaries and how to set them, and the importance of self-care.

Recovery for Life

  • Alumni support groups: These free weekly aftercare groups for anyone who has completed a treatment program at the Center offer ongoing support for sustained recovery.
  • Parent support group: Caron alumni parents, as well alumni parents from other treatment centers and parents in the community are welcome to join this group for support, friendship, help, and understanding.
  • Healthcare professionals support group: Recovering healthcare providers who are enrolled in state monitoring programs benefit from long-term support and an understanding environment.

Prevention Education and Early Intervention

The Student Assistance Program provides comprehensive, customizable drug, alcohol, and nicotine prevention services and healthy living programs for elementary and high school students, parents, caregivers, and youth-serving professionals. Caron partners with schools, families, communities, and other organizations to provide contracted, fee-for-service, and grant-funded programs and services to over 120,000 students, professionals, and parents/caregivers each year.


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