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Tara Wages

Tara Wages
Breakthrough Therapist
Tara Wages

Tara Wages is a Breakthrough Therapist providing individual and group therapy for Caron's Breakthrough Program.

Her goal is to create a comfortable and trusting environment in which patients can work on their recovery and discover a purpose for this phase of their lives. She also provides experiential therapy and offers education about addiction and other issues.

It is critical to her work and a passion of hers that she meets her patients where they are with empathy and a willingness to listen. Working with older adults means helping them and their families deal with issues like cognitive impairment, chronic pain, and physical health as well as addiction.

Tara came to Caron in 2016 as a therapist to work with older adults as well as women in the Women’s Program. From 2017 to 2022,she provided individual, group and family therapy and education for the Older Adult Program. Previously, she was a parent for 25 years and volunteered for several nonprofit organizations, organizing and facilitating group events in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, and Bahrain. She was also a speaker on a women’s empowerment tour in India, traveling to seven cities to present to women’s colleges and other women’s groups. Previously, she worked as an assistant at a New York City financial firm, which gave her in-depth experience in dealing with stress and built her organizational skills, which she continues to use in her current work.

Tara received her master’s degree in psychology from Sacred Heart University in Connecticut in 2015. She has a bachelor’s degree in history from Fordham University.

The most important work I do is helping people rediscover hope and purpose, to realize that you can keep learning and living at 60, 70, and beyond. When I talk with alumni and they tell me about their lives, that they have found their purpose, that makes my heart warm. At Caron, we work as a team to make sure each patient gets what they need.”

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