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Maureen Sander

Maureen Sander
Corporate Director of Business Development
Maureen Sander

In her role as Corporate Director of Business Development, Maureen Sander expands access to Caron’s high-quality substance use disorder treatment and ensures that referents, patients, and families can find needed treatment and resources.

She also oversees Caron’s Regional Resource Directors, developing strategies and protocols and providing the team with tools, insight, guidance, and feedback.

Prior to taking on that position in 2021, Maureen served as a Senior Regional Resource Director for three years, supervising regional resource directors in New York, Long Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Florida, and Arizona. Between 2004 and 2018, she was Caron’s Southeast Business Development Director and worked in similar roles for other treatment centers.

She brings 17 years of experience in the medical field, including 15 in addiction treatment. Her background in the helping professions — including experience as a teacher and bereavement counselor — have honed her ability to listen and empathize.

Maureen can be reached at msander@caron.org or by calling 941-875-4290.

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