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Maureen Sander

Maureen Sander
Senior Regional Resource Director
Maureen Sander

Maureen Sander is the senior regional resource director, supervising regional resource directors including New York, Long Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Florida, and Arizona. She took on that position in 2018, having worked for Caron previously as a southeast business development director and working in similar roles for other treatment centers, beginning in 2004.

She returned to Caron with a deep appreciation for Caron’s reputation as an ethical treatment center that fully supports patients and families. “Caron stands behind what they say, therefore that helps me build and maintain relationships with professionals, physicians, families, and the potential patient. I believe it is important to discuss who Caron is as a company, the history of Caron, staff, and leadership.”

Her overall goal is to ensure that patients receive the appropriate treatment for their needs. If Caron is not the right fit, she is equipped to guide them to other treatment options. While a person in need of treatment may not immediately get the help they need, Maureen takes the long view: “I know the potential patient or family members may not always hear what I have to say today but my advice may come back to them tomorrow or the next day or months from when they heard it.”

She also works with the regional resource directors as a resource and guide. “I have the good fortune of leading an amazing team while supporting my region. My goal is to help them succeed by providing tools, insight, guidance, and feedback and developing effective strategies and protocols. The success of the team is defined by the positive impact we have on others.”

She brings more than 20 years of experience in the medical field, including 15 in addiction treatment. Her background in the helping professions — including experience as a teacher and bereavement counselor — have honed her ability to listen and empathize. Maureen can be reached at msander@caron.org or by calling 941-875-4290.