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Louise Burruss

Louise Burruss
Resource Coordinator
Louise Burruss

As Resource Coordinator for the Atlanta Outpatient Center, Louise Burrus is a source of information and support for Caron alumni in the area as well as for therapists, health care providers, and school administrators about addiction, recovery, and Caron’s services.

In addition, she organizes and coordinates special events and works with other Caron staff on fundraising. As someone in recovery, Louise offers her experience and knowledge of addiction and recovery in speaking to people about Caron’s treatment, prevention, and recovery services. She has a particular passion for fundraising because she is proud of the scholarships Caron offers so those in need of treatment can get it.

Louise began working with Caron in 2019 as a contractor and started in this full-time role in 2021.

Her previous experience includes several years in the wholesale apparel industry, where she honed her communications and customer service skills. More recently, she worked in fundraising and event management for a private school in Atlanta for two and a half years, and for several years in community outreach for a local bank. She also brings many years of volunteer experience to her current work, primarily with the schools her children attended.

Louise has a Bachelor of Science in human environmental science from the University of Alabama.

Bachelor of Arts in psychology, both from Georgia State University.

Caron’s range of services extends beyond treatment. We work diligently to prevent substance abuse from occurring by providing services to schools and have an umbrella of services and supports for our alumni and others in recovery as well.”

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