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Dr. Ashley Flor

Dr. Ashley Flor
Staff Psychologist
JD, Psy. D
Dr. Ashley Flor

As the Staff Psychologist for the Men’s Relapse Program, Dr. Ashley Flor evaluates and treats patients who have a history of relapse and previous engagement in substance use disorder treatment programs.

She helps patients identify previously uncovered psychological factors (e.g., untreated clinical syndromes, trauma, maladaptive personality traits) that when addressed give patients insight into their treatment needs.

Dr. Flor works within a multidisciplinary team and makes recommendations to support a patient’s ability to fully participate in Caron’s exceptional addiction treatment. She is also a member of the psychological testing team and has experience with a variety of neuropsychological/cognitive and personality measures, facilitating her ability to help develop individualized treatment recommendations for patients, clarify questions regarding differential diagnosis, and identify patient strengths and areas of growth.

She served as the psychology fellow at Caron, and prior to seeking a doctorate, completed a master’s internship within Caron’s men’s continuum. That experience gave her a foundation of knowledge about addiction that she continues to build upon.

Dr. Flor has over 10 years of experience working directly with children, families, adolescents, and adults in a variety of roles. For example, she worked in the recreation department at a residential program for children and provided support to children with autism spectrum disorder and their families. She also completed academic training in settings such as a physical rehabilitation hospital, a day program for individuals with traumatic brain injury, and a college counseling center. Her experience working with diverse populations has contributed to a desire to meet each patient where they are, without making assumptions about their experiences, and respecting each person’s individual journey to well-being.

She received her Doctorate of Psychology degree in 2020 from Immaculata University. Her academic training and clinical experience contributed to her preference for person-centered, strength-based approaches, as well as a familiarity with evidence-based approaches, such as cognitive behavioral therapy.

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