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Christine D'Appolonia

Christine D'Appolonia
Alumni and Family Coordinator
New York City
Christine D'Appolonia

Christine D'Appolonia is the Alumni and Family Coordinator for the New York Region, helping alumni and families to stay connected to Caron and support long-term recovery.

In this position, she coordinates events and fellowship groups and helps alumni and families to stay connected to each other and the Caron network.

As a grateful Caron alumnus, Christine is eager to support those on their recovery journey and build on the foundation of the treatment they received at Caron. As a grateful member of the New York and Brooklyn recovery community, she is eager to share what was so freely given to her as she started her sobriety journey in 2018. Because of those experiences, she understands the need to be heard, connected, and supported.

Before starting at Caron New York in this role in 2021, Christine worked in healthcare marketing and advertising, managing an ad agency. With her experience working with clients, building brands, and developing communication platforms for doctors and patients, she developed a skill set that supports her current role.

Christine has a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Allegheny College.

Christine can be reached at cdappolonia@caron.org

One of the greatest gifts I received at Caron was re-learning how to connect with myself and with others. I think that has been a key to my recovery and that started at Caron. I am excited to work with patients and families to share my experiences and to support them.”
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