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Anya Whalen

Anya Whalen
D.C. Regional Alumni and Family Coordinator
Washington, DC
Anya Whalen

As the alumni and family coordinator in the Caron Washington, D.C. Recovery Center, Anya Whalen helps Caron alumni and family members stay engaged in their recovery and connected by providing a range of support and resources.

Anya also answers questions and offers resources to those looking for treatment for themselves or their family members or who need more information about addiction. Being able to help others is the most rewarding part of the job, she says.

With the restrictions due to the pandemic, Anya has creatively engaged with technology, figuring out how to get support groups online and find ways for staff, alumni, and families to stay in touch through email, online conferencing platforms, and social media.

She started working at Caron in 2018 as the regional administrative assistant at the D.C. Recovery Center, before moving into her current position in 2020.

Anya has a bachelor’s degree in international development studies from McGill University.

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