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Legal Professionals

Caron offers a specialized, residential addiction treatment program for attorneys, judges, law students, and paralegals that addresses their unique addiction and behavioral health issues.

Addiction Treatment for Legal Professionals

For many reasons, inpatient residential treatment for impaired legal professionals is often critical. Removing them from their work and home environment is an optimal way to address their addiction, learn about the disease of addiction, and begin to develop tools to sustain their recovery and career..

At Caron, we can help you build a treatment program that meets your needs.

National Statistics

The Journal of Addiction Medicine recently published a ground-breaking study which revealed a full-blown crisis in the legal field, which can no longer be ignored. Although it has been commonly presumed that the legal profession has a heightened rate of substance abuse problems as compared to the general public and other professionals, no one expected the numbers to rise to this level – As many as 36% of all practicing lawyers suffer from an active alcohol abuse problem.

Attorneys are expected – and obligated - to have clear and robust judgement when working for their clients. The moment one of its lawyers or staff performs services while impaired, the law firm or the clients themselves are also at risk. Yet, alcohol consumption is often normalized as part of the culture within the legal sector. Legal professionals concerned about their privacy and reputation are often hesitant to seek the treatment they need.

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Featured Staff
Executive Director of the Legal Professionals Program
Link Christin is an attorney and a licensed and board-certified drug and addiction counselor.
Senior Clinical Advisor - Executive Program and Legal Professionals Program
Eric Webber works specifically with adult men and relapse individuals in both in primary and extended care settings.

Barriers to Treatment

Caron recognizes that legal professionals often resist typical residential treatment. They may deny there is a problem, either because they fear a loss of their career or license or because they do not want to appear vulnerable. Legal professionals are problem solvers with strong egos who are self-reliant, making it even more difficult for them to admit they may need help. Some typical statements we hear include:

  • I am not an addict and do not need help from others.
  • I can control my substance use---I never use during the day--- and it does not affect my job.
  • I do not want others to know that I may need help.
  • I cannot risk losing my job, my license, or my reputation.
  • I'm ashamed and therefore must keep my using a secret.
  • I need to keep working, so I'll do outpatient close to home and I'll go to local AA meetings.
  • My practice and reputation will be irreparably harmed if I take the time for residential treatment.

Our Pennsylvania facility offers a specialized, residential addiction treatment program for attorneys, judges, law students, and paralegals that addresses their unique concerns, addiction and behavioral health issues, and provides tailored services through targeted peer interaction and directed programming.

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Three major components in treating Legal Professionals:


Making the decision to get treatment for yourself or a loved one can be a scary process. Legal professionals need to feel confident that their treatment experience will be managed with privacy and expertise that addresses their unique issues. Our executive director personally handles all components of the pre-entry process, which may include:

  • Streamlined admissions process in which patients work directly with the Executive Director and an assigned admissions specialist
  • Discussion of specific professional needs while in treatment to assure no disruption in practice
  • Consultation with third parties and/or family
  • When necessary, intervention strategies and services


The residential program includes all the components of Caron’s adult treatment in addition to customized programming specific to your unique needs as a legal professional. Your treatment plan will be designed for you by the program’s executive director, in conjunction with the expert clinical team. The customized programming may include:

  • Customized educational and lecture materials for the legal professional
  • Weekly one-on-one meetings with the executive director
  • Facilitated weekly legal professionals group meetings
  • Exposure to outside lawyers in recovery
  • Exposure to guest speakers on topics of relevance to the legal profession
  • Upon request, communication with third parties and stakeholders to plan work and family reintegration


Throughout inpatient treatment at Caron, we’re constantly planning and strategizing to develop and refine a continuing care plan prior to your discharge. The plan, based on your unique needs and experience in treatment, will include tools and recommendations to sustain your recovery. Included in the after-care treatment planning is:

  • A customized recovery, reintegration, and relapse prevention plan, which may include My First Year of Recovery, extended care, outpatient treatment, and sober living and/or transitioning into services available at our Regional Recovery Centers
  • Alcohol and drug monitoring available through the My First Year of Recovery program
  • Communication established (when authorized) with family, employer, licensing board or disciplinary board to resolve return-to-work and career restoration issues
  • Oversight of, and access to, the executive director and aftercare services
  • Alumni Support Network connecting patients returning to their community with a Caron alum who is a legal professional
  • Upon request, referral to state lawyer assistance programs

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Our Clinical Expertise

The program’s Executive Director has an extensive background as an attorney and is a licensed addiction clinician, with more than six years of exclusive experience with impaired legal professionals. His successful career, his own personal recovery from the disease of addiction, and his education and experience in this field, all contribute to the knowledge and understanding of the issues legal professionals face when struggling with and recovering from an addiction. The executive director works closely with other members of our expert clinical team through all aspects of treatment to provide you, or your loved one, with and integrated experience and the quality care you need.

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