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Legal Professionals Program

Caron’s Legal Professionals Program offers a path to recovery supported by the program’s executive director, himself a lawyer in recovery.

Caron’s Legal Professionals Program is designed for legal professionals, judges, law students, retired lawyers, paralegals, or law school graduates. Our programs are tailored to the specific needs and concerns of legal professionals at Caron in Pennsylvania and Caron Renaissance’s Professional Program in Florida.

The certified addiction clinician and the licensed attorney leading the program are actively involved in every aspect of the program, from working with patients and their families before, during, and after treatment to managing and overseeing all program components.

A recent national study concluded that addicted attorneys who had attended residential treatment specialized for legal professionals had a higher recovery rate than those who attended typical, non-specialized treatment.

Caron offers you private, comprehensive treatment that takes into account your professional needs and concerns.

Treatment Components

The Legal Professionals Program at Caron includes:

  • Pre-admission calls with the staff of the legal program to discuss specifics of the program
  • Accommodation of specific professional needs
  • Coordination with treatment team for programming
  • Educational materials customized for the legal professional
  • Weekly one-on-one meetings with the program staff, either in person, by telephone, or via a web conference
  • Pennsylvania campus: Facilitated weekly legal professionals group meetings, meetings with lawyers in recovery to hear about what works for them in recovery, and presentations by guest speakers on topics related to the legal profession
  • Florida campus: Meetings with lawyers in recovery
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Family Programming

At Caron, we believe it is critical for the family to be part of their loved one’s treatment process so we offer opportunities for participation to family members. Family services are specifically designed to meet family members’ needs as they work toward personal recovery.

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Legal and Clinical Expertise

Eric J. Webber, MA, CADC, CMAT/CSAT, CCPG, is the current principal clinician for the Legal Professionals Program. Mr. Webber has over 20 years’ experience in the counseling field, with more than a decade at Caron working with a variety of professionals. He has specialized training in working with professionals in the areas of work addiction, return-to-work issues, and management of the intersection of professional life and recovery life. He teamed with Mr. Christin to successfully launch the Caron Legal Professionals Program and continues to conduct on-campus clinical programming.

Corey B. Rabin, Esq. brings a lifetime of experience to his role of clinical advisor of the Legal Professionals Program at Caron. A practicing attorney for more than 35 years, Mr. Rabin holds a JD from the University of Miami School of Law and has decades of experience in recovery and substance abuse interventions.

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Featured Staff
Senior Clinical Advisor - Grand View Program and Legal Professionals Program
Eric Webber works specifically with adult men and relapse individuals in both in primary and extended care settings.
Advisor to the Legal Professionals Program

Caron Can Help You Regain Your Life

Clinical excellence and uncompromising patient-centric care mark every component of Caron’s core programming, which includes the Legal Professionals Program. Our focus incorporates overall mental behavioral health, including treatment of co-occurring disorders.

With more than 60 years of history treating substance use disorder and process addictions, Caron emphasizes Recovery for Life, providing you and every patient we treat with lifetime support. We view substance use disorder as a chronic treatable brain disease that requires a long-term management plan.

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Barriers to Treatment

Caron recognizes that legal professionals often resist typical residential treatment for fear of losing their license or because they do not want to appear vulnerable or admit they need help. Some typical statements we hear include:

  • I am not an addict and do not need help from others.
  • I can control my substance use—I never use during the day—and it does not affect my job.
  • I do not want others to know that I may need help.
  • I cannot risk losing my job, my license, or my reputation.
  • I'm ashamed and therefore must keep my (substance) use a secret.
  • I need to keep working, so I'll do outpatient close to home and go to local AA meetings.
  • My practice and reputation will be irreparably harmed if I take the time for residential treatment.

Confronting Addiction in the Law Firm, an article by Link Christin, describes how pervasive substance use and mental health issues are in the legal industry. It also offers suggestions for how to help a colleague or family member recognize that they need treatment.

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Post-treatment aftercare is centered on your needs as a legal professional.

Evidence-based research shows that long-term recovery is best accomplished with structured support. Your post-treatment continuing care plan includes:

  • Ongoing support from the program staff
  • Customized recovery, reintegration, and relapse prevention plan
  • Alcohol and drug monitoring upon request
  • Communication established (when authorized) with family, employer, licensing board, or disciplinary board
  • Support and guidance for a full year after discharge through free services like our alumni support activities and the Caron Recovery Network
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Optional Programs Available for Additional Support

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