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Executive Program

Addiction rehab and behavioral health treatment for those who are successful in their career and/or hold a high stature in work, life or community.

Evidence-based treatment for affluent, prominent individuals

As someone who is successful in their career and/or holds a high stature in work, life, or community, you have a reputation to protect. If you are struggling with addiction or a behavioral health concern, Caron’s Executive Program can help you regain the personal and professional life you love so you can continue to enjoy the success and stature you have worked so hard to achieve.

Caron’s Executive Program is a premier program that provides an executive-level treatment experience, one that meets the needs of high-stature individuals and those who are successful in their careers from both a clinical perspective as well as a lifestyle and amenities perspective. Caron’s Pennsylvania campus is convenient to several major East Coast cities, including New York City, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and Boston.

Our program ensures your privacy, flexibility, convenience, and comfort.

Attentive to the Demands of Your Status

Throughout your stay, you will be in treatment with others who share your stature, success, and lifestyle. The program is situated in a secluded location on our Pennsylvania campus so that participants have privacy and provides living quarters that feature private rooms and baths.

Caron’s Executive Program recognizes that staying connected to work and personal affairs is an important part of who you are. The staff provides a safe space that allows you to balance the demands of both your personal and professional life, while focusing on your treatment and building a foundation for long-term recovery.

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Featured Staff
Executive Director of the Executive Program
Senior Clinical Advisor - Executive Program and Legal Professionals Program
Eric Webber works specifically with adult men and relapse individuals in both in primary and extended care settings.
Licensed Professional Counselor, Caron’s Executive Program

Treatment Components

Treatment is personalized for your clinical needs, offering you medical, psychological, and spiritual care at Caron’s high, executive-level standard. Our goal is to advance your recovery and optimize your health and wellness. Our clinically robust program incorporates proven, evidence-based therapies that promise the highest treatment efficacy. To that end, your treatment team designs an integrative, flexible plan to treat substance use disorder, mental health concerns, and related medical issues to meet your unique clinical needs. Treatment to address the mental health and wellness of the entire family system is also an important and integrated component of treatment.

Caron’s Executive Program includes:

  • A dedicated, multidisciplinary treatment team comprised of an American Board of Addiction Medicine-certified medical doctor, licensed psychologist and psychiatrist, master-level addiction counselors, a family therapist, as well as health and wellness experts and spiritual counselors
  • Comprehensive medical screenings and psychological assessments
  • Medical detoxification services at our state-of-the-art medical center
  • Treatment of co-occurring mental health disorders and related impulsive and compulsive behaviors
  • Trauma programming centered on evidence-based therapy to provide healing
  • A state-of-the-art fitness center staffed by certified, on-site personal trainers
  • Registered dietitian consultations, as necessary
  • Complimentary therapies such as therapeutic massage, yoga, and mindfulness meditation, as well as art therapy
  • Cutting-edge technologies, such as neurofeedback therapy, to promote a healthy mind and body
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Family Education

Recognizing the impact of addiction on both the individual and the family, Caron’s Executive Program integrates the family into the treatment process through participation in family services and ongoing contact with the program’s dedicated family therapist. Families are in constant contact and involved with the family therapist to assess the needs of the family system and address the mental health wellness of the family. The goal of our family work is to enable you and your family members to work toward optimal emotional health and healthy communication.

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Continuing Care Planning

From your first day at Caron, a therapeutic alliance is formed between your referring professional and your treatment team to systematically assess your needs throughout treatment. These assessments inform a customized continuing care plan to support your clinical needs beyond your treatment at Caron. The plan provides a roadmap and recommendations to guide your recovery through structure, routine, and accountability. The team, in collaboration with your referring professional, designs a plan tailored to meet you and your family’s needs with the goal of building a comprehensive home recovery network.

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My First Year of Recovery

Caron offers My First Year of Recovery, a post-treatment counseling and monitoring program, to help you and your family achieve and sustain a healthy, sober lifestyle. You and your family will engage in various services designed to meet your individual needs, including random drug and alcohol screenings, which can help you build accountability and can also be reassuring for your family. Tele-counseling is available, as well as regular check-in calls to you and your identified circle of support. My First Year, in conjunction with other continuing care components, creates a team approach to early recovery, involving the family, your outpatient therapist, and work when appropriate. The program serves as a bridge connecting all components of care together and providing a constant stream of support as you move through different phases of your early recovery.

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