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Executive Program

Addiction rehab and behavioral health treatment for executives needing discretion.

Why Executives Choose Caron

It’s crucial to get help for the disease of addiction, but treatment can be complicated for individuals whose reputations are on the line. For some, public admission to addiction can have a significant impact on career. Executives need a behavioral health treatment program that can promise discretion and an elevated patient experience.

Caron’s mission is to meet each individual where they are in life, and this holds true for those who have achieved great success. Our Executive Program in Pennsylvania offers not only our signature expert multidisciplinary care, but also a treatment milieu that matches your lifestyle.

At Caron, we can help you build a treatment program that meets your needs.

The Executive Rehab Program is designed for:

  • CEOs and other executives
  • Legal, justice and political professionals
  • Musicians, artists, performers
  • Financial brokers and managers
  • Others with significantly developed careers

Based on a Tradition of Excellence

From a medical, psychological, and spiritual perspective, the core of the Executive Program follows Caron’s high-standard-of-care; using proven, comprehensive and personalized behavioral healthcare solutions to transform the lives of those impacted by addiction and substance use.

The Executive Program at Caron differs from our traditional adult treatment programs in that it offers greater latitude and amenities as well as a smaller, more similar patient community. The Executive Program provides a smaller, more intimate patient community, who share similar cultural and lifestyle experiences. Individuals have in common the experiences and expectations associated with living a life of prominence, as well as the lifestyle associated with a certain level of affluence.

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Featured Staff
Clinical Supervisor of Caron’s Executive Program
Senior Clinical Advisor - Executive Program and Legal Professionals Program
Eric Webber works specifically with adult men and relapse individuals in both in primary and extended care settings.
Licensed Professional Counselor, Caron’s Executive Program
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Multidisciplinary Treatment Team and Individual Care

Each Executive patient is assigned a multidisciplinary treatment team made up of Caron's most experienced and highly credentialed staff. These individuals are leaders in their disciplines, which includes:

  • A Medical Board Certified physician with a wealth of expertise and training in addiction medicine who also specializes in treating co-existing addiction and chronic pain.
  • Certified addiction counselors who specialize in the treatment of co-occurring mental health disorders, addiction interaction disorders (AID), experiential counseling techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), rational emotive therapy; and have experience with cultural diversity
  • Health and wellness experts comprised of certified personal trainers and a certified nutritionist

The team works extensively with the patient and their family to perform several different evaluations, then collaboratively design an individual and integrative treatment plan based on the patient's goals, their substance use history, co-existing medical conditions, and other factors including any co-occurring disorders, process addictions or other problems.

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Medical Detox

A physician or nurse practitioner will provide a medical assessment for each patient entering the Executive Program at Caron. This allows our on-site medical team to assess the health of the patient and determine whether or not medical detoxification (detox) is necessary. The medical assessment includes blood and urine screenings, analysis of medical history, and psychological assessments. At the same time, the medical staff will also assess the need for adjunctive medications, such as anti-craving medications. Significant medical issues are addressed and considered in a patient’s individualized treatment plan.

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Key Elements of the Executive Program

  • Rehab location & amenities.While part of the Caron Pennsylvania treatment campus, the Executive Program operates in a separate building where patients reside and treatment takes place. The standalone building is situated in a secluded area on Caron’s campus; upholding the goal of providing discretion to the patients and their families that we treat.
  • Individual and group counseling seven days per week, facilitated by our integrated behavioral health team
  • Individualized Family Programming that utilizes experiential group therapy where patients and family members will experience and practice healthy communication. We approach interactions with Executive families with the same discretion and sensitivity to privacy and lifestyle differentiators as their loved ones. Learn more about the Executive's Family Program
  • Integrated Professional Programming, which includes the ability to participate in professional groups and programming throughout the week, as well as individual sessions with staff experienced in the treatment of professionals and executives, legal professionals, and specialty treatment programming to process work integration and recovery.
  • Educational lectures, facilitated by our integrated behavioral health team, focus on such topics as:
    • The high functioning addict/alcoholic
    • Blind spots in recovery
    • Coping skills
    • Work integration
    • Consequences
    • Anger & resentments
    • Defense mechanisms
    • Sober support systems
    • Spirituality
  • Technology-enabled care: Passport is a custom-developed, interactive mobile and web app adorned with Caron’s nationally recognized therapeutic protocols. Using an internet-connected tablet and unique applications, Passport gives addiction counselors, multi-disciplinary treatment teams and patients the opportunity to communicate easily and tailor the patient’s content, schedule and responses to his or her needs. In addition to Passport, executive patients will have cell phone and computer privileges as clinically indicated or appropriate, with Wifi access available during designated times and locations.
  • Health and wellness activities and programs, such as:
    • Weekly massages and medical massages for patients suffering from chronic pain
    • Yoga and mindfulness meditation
    • Daily gym time and access to our on-site, state-of-the art fitness center with a full-size basketball court and exercise room
    • Access to our certified, on-site personal trainers, who can provide fitness coaching to help you build a personalized fitness and wellness plan
  • Integration of Sober Passes, when clinically appropriate and warranted, to accommodate pressing business issues. Caron can provide transportation, a sober support companion and monitoring when an executive patient must return to home or work to conduct business. Of utmost importance and a top priority is our patient’s recovery; therefore, sober passes are provided on a case-by-case basis. There are additional costs associated with this service, which are the responsibility of the patient.
  • Continuing Care Planning. Evidence-based research shows that long-term recovery is best accomplished with structured support following treatment, which encourages accountability, building self-esteem and involving the family. Throughout treatment, a patient’s treatment team will work together to create an individualized continuing care plan. Such components of one’s plan may include joining Caron’s My First Year of Recovery, a private and interactive platform.  Individuals enrolled in the program are given a personalized post-treatment roadmap to help patients and their families navigate the challenges of maintaining sobriety in early recovery. Learn more about My First Year of Recovery.

Length of Stay

Executive patients have distinct goals for treatment.  For that reason, the Executive Program is customized to include varying lengths, with the understanding that our mission is to provide each person with the treatment they need – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually – to achieve and sustain a life of recovery.

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