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Family Treatment Options

Watching a loved one struggle with addiction can be extremely difficult. Let us help with the process.

Involving family members every step of the way.

At Caron, the patient is the family and the family is the patient. We believe that families do not cause addiction, however, as a result of the parallel impact of addiction, family members need support and guidance to develop their own program of recovery.

Caron Renaissance provides integrated and comprehensive family involvement throughout their treatment programs.We engage family members into the full treatment experience, individually designing programming to help families and their loved ones break the cycle of addiction, heal the past and embrace the family recovery process.

A family therapist and a primary therapist are assigned to each family.During the course of your loved one’s treatment, you will receive weekly phone calls from both allowing you to stay apprised of and be involved in your loved one’s treatment planning, clinical issues and interventions. You’ll also gain further guidance and direction toward breaking maladaptive ways of coping with addiction and how to begin to resolve issues.

At Caron, we can help you build a treatment program that meets your needs.

Residential Family Program

We offer full immersion treatment with loved ones at our Caron Renaissance and Caron Ocean Drive campuses. This unique program is often the best way to address barriers to recovery for both the patient and the family. These barriers often take on the form of family of origin experiences, internalized messages, communication difficulties, and inconsistent boundaries between family members.

During the Residential Family Program, the patient and their family members reside together in the same clinical setting. The workshop essentially changes the way in which a family operates by allowing the aforementioned barriers to present themselves where the clinical team can address them and help the family move towards recovery. The Residential Family Program treats the entire family as "the patient," recognizing and treating the pain carried by each member who has been affected by addiction to drugs or alcohol and other behavioral health disorders.

Our Caron Renaissance program welcomes family members to live with their loved one for two weeks and engage in the clinical program. The Caron Ocean Drive program is shorter and more intensive. Families live with their loved one for five days while receiving clinical care. Ocean Drive’s workshop is covered in the price of care, and families may request further treatment for an additional fee.

During the Residential Family Program, family members follow a clinical schedule. They attend daily group therapy sessions where they address personal and family issues, such as:

  • Generational themes
  • Grief and loss
  • Trauma
  • Communication problems
  • Boundary issues

Once these issues are addressed, the opportunity for family recovery increases dramatically.

At the end of the Residential Family Program experience, each family member will:

  • Increase expectations for themselves and their loved one, the patient
  • Establish healthy boundaries
  • Be able to implement reasonable and natural consequences
  • Detach from problem-solving for loved ones
  • Engage in healthy communication and non-avoidant conflict resolution
  • Focus on self-care and emotional regulation by developing supports and resources
  • Communicate and care for themselves and their family

The unique fellowship of the patient community working hand-in-hand with families within a clinical setting provides the opportunity to embrace family recovery.

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Clinical Impact Visits

At times clinical issues arise that require immediate family interventions. In these situations, the entire family or just one family member may be asked to participate in a Clinical Impact Visit at Caron Renaissance.

Clinical Impact Visits can be used to:

  • Break through barriers and establish boundaries
  • Reinforce the importance of treatment at Caron Renaissance
  • Address the patient's reluctance to engage in treatment
  • Address the negative consequences addiction has had on the family.

Clinical Impact Visits allow for a degree of flexibility and individualization so that immediate clinical needs can be addressed, setting the stage for a more productive treatment experience.

Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, patients are hesitant to engage in the treatment process. In these cases, family members may be invited by clinical staff to Caron Renaissance for a clinical visit. Clinical visits are aimed at helping patients to understand the importance of cooperating with clinicians and the importance of them and their family investing in the treatment process.

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Family Buddy Program

Families need the most support at the start of their loved one's treatment. Oftentimes its difficult for family members to comprehend all the intricacies of treatment - they are often exhausted from years of supporting their addicted loved one, fearful of what's to come, and may even have misconceptions about addiction and behavioral health treatment.

To provide additional support to families, Caron Renaissance’s Family Services Department offers each family member a family buddy or a family alumnus who is available for support; helping families acclimate to a new life with their loved one in treatment and gain comfort in their treatment choice of Caron.

This program allows family members to connect with and form a relationship with families who have already been through the process and understand what new families are going through. Family buddies can provide guidance during and following treatment and support them with the principles of recovery.

Alumni families from across the country volunteer to be a family buddy to assist new families of Caron Renaissance.

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Family Workshop

Patients recovering at Caron Renaissance and Caron Ocean Drive have the unique opportunity to heal with their family at one of our three-day family workshops.

These intense, multi-family seminars highlight the need for families to embrace their own recovery. Patients and their families work together in a clinical setting to identify goals that support family recovery and better relationships.

Families who come into treatment at Caron Renaissance or Caron Ocean Drive are often very focused on their loved one's needs versus their own. One of the primary goals of the Family Workshop is to shift the family members' focus to their own areas of need and help them develop skills to break the cycle of enabling and dysfunction.

The Family Workshop utilizes group therapy where patients and family members are active participants providing feedback from their own experience to support one another. Throughout the Family Workshop, families and patients take direction from clinical staff who lead them through the process of uncovering and discussing painful topics that have remained unspoken or minimized during their loved one's active addiction.

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