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Digital Learning

Offering digital learning experiences focused on substance use prevention and intervention strategies for teens.

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Caron Treatment Centers accepts patients aged 13 years or older. For more information on services available to those 12 and under, please learn more about Caron's Student Assistance Program.

Sharing Knowledge to Prevent Addiction
Caron’s Digital Learning program is a comprehensive library of digital learning courses and other educational programs centered on substance use disorder prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery. Courses are designed for audiences of teens, parents, healthcare, school and child-serving professionals.

The Need
With over 60 years of successfully treating addiction and behavioral health issues, Caron understands the severity of substance use disorders in our country and that prevention and early intervention are key to addressing problematic substance use among youth. Working with over 900 school and child-serving organizations each year, Caron is renowned for the quality of their education and prevention programs. To reach a wider audience, we expanded our traditional educational programs to a digital format. Our digital format allows those unable to access our in-person programs to benefit from our quality programming in their location, completing the programs at their own pace. With digital learning, Caron can :

  • Increase awareness and understanding of addiction as a brain disease
  • Reduce the stigma of addiction and substance use disorder
  • Provide the required skills and information to teens, parents, medical and education professionals
At Caron, we can help you build a treatment program that meets your needs.

The Audiences

Our courses are currently available for healthcare, school and child-serving professionals. In the Fall of 2019, our library of digital learning courses will expand to include programs for teens, parents and caregivers, business, industry, community, and specialty groups.

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The Goal

Caron has been successfully treating addiction and behavioral issues for more than 60 years. Through this digital learning platform, our goal is to offer resources and tools that will support a societal shift in how we view addiction and substance use disorder and enable more effective prevention, intervention, and treatment, and further support our mission of Recovery For Life.

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Course Design

Courses are designed to be interactive to engage participants and enhance their ability to learn and retain knowledge. Depending on the topic and the goal, courses may include video, animation, audio narration, and text as well as interactive tools like pop-up screens and drag-and-drop questions.

Learners can expect to complete knowledge checks after each topic to ensure understanding of the material and receive a certificate upon completion of each course.

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For More Information

Contact Caron’s Education Department for more information about course offerings at 610-743-6117.

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Coming Soon!

Learn more about new digital programs being introduced in the Fall of 2019

Introduction to SBIRT

Our pilot offering is an online course for health care and school professionals on screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment (SBIRT). The course takes about 60 minutes to complete.

PREP: Prevention Resources and Education for Parents/Caregivers

This program for parents, grandparents, and other caregivers, provides knowledge and resources that can reduce the chances that young people will engage in substance skills, than can reduce the chances that young people will engage in substance use.