CONNECT 5: Find the NicoTEEN - Nicotine Cessation Program

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Program Details

  • Audience:

    Nicotine-using youth (ages 13-18)

  • Estimated Completion Time:

    30-60 minutes per weekly module

  • Number of Modules:

    5 weekly modules

Nicotine Reduction and Cessation

connect 5 series

Course Description

CONNECT 5 is a nicotine reduction and cessation digital experience designed to help youth make a positive impact on their health. This course motivates youth towards change and assists them in developing a personalized plan for success that is unique to their needs and situation. For schools, parents, and students, CONNECT 5 fills a critical need in addressing the widespread abuse of nicotine vaping and other tobacco products among youth.

Expected Learning Outcomes

After completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the consequences of nicotine use and benefits of quitting.
  • Recognize where they are in the quitting process.
  • Establish personal goals and create a personal plan for success to change their nicotine use.
  • Identify their nicotine use triggers, quitting methods that might work for them, and people in their support network.
  • Practice assertiveness and refusal skills in social situations.
  • Recognize personal roadblocks throughout the quitting process and alternatives to deal with those roadblocks.
  • Print a Certificate of Completion for documentation of completing the program successfully.

Take the Course or Learn More

  • Take the CONNECT 5 Course. New users, please use the “Sign Up” link on the next page to set a password. Returning users, you can sign-in using your email and previously selected password.
  • Contact our Education Alliance team for more information about this course at 610-743-6117.
  • Download and print CONNECT 5 course brochure.
  • Download our App in iTunes or Google Play.

We have found the CONNECT 5 course to be helpful for students who get caught vaping. We use it while there in In-school or out-of-school suspension. I love them!"

School District Social Worker

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