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Self-Care & Mental Wellness: Erin Goodhart Of Caron Treatment Centers On The Top Five Selfcare Practices That Improve Mental Wellness

An Interview With Maria Angelova in Authority Magazine

Erin Goodhart of Caron Pennsylvania recently shared her expertise with Authority Magazine. Click to read her mental wellness recommendations for the The Top Five Selfcare Practices article from an interview with Maria Angelova.

Self-care is the precursor to mental wellness for most of us and looks different from person-to-person. It’s also the time we allow ourselves to decompress, recenter and develop new hobbies — sometimes we’ll be better at it than others. Self-care allows one to be fully present, experience gratitude and a reduction in stress, even if it’s momentary. Mental wellness is different from person-to-person as well, however, at the core of mental wellness is spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. It’s all encompassing, not just one facet.

Top Five Self-Care Practices That Improve Mental Wellness

Erin Goodhart gives practical quick tips you can start today in Authority Magazine's video segment.

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