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If My Drinking Is ‘Normal,’ Why Do I Think About It All The Time?

Bustle: The Sobriety Spectrum

Dr. Adam Scioli, D.O. weighs in on whether individuals who regularly overconsume alcohol can safely and effectively scale back to moderate alcohol consumption. This article in Bustle: The Sobriety Spectrum addresses the complications and difficulties of what moderate drinking means, and how experts define it. Read the article in Bustle.

Perfect moderation is much more difficult than abstinence.”

Dr. Adam Scioli, D.O.
Source: Bustle

A Caron Perspective: More About AUD

In addition to the considerations posed in the article, Dr. Scioli went a step further on tackling the big question of "how much is too much?"

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a serious disease that includes a distinct set of diagnostic criteria. If a person’s behavior is consistent with three or fewer symptoms, they may have a mild disorder that with early intervention reduces the risk of future problematic drinking. However, for people who have the presence of more than four symptoms, their drinking is categorized as moderate to severe.

The question then becomes is it worth a lifelong struggle on this spectrum with potentially deadly consequences or is it better to develop behaviors that support a lifetime of wellness and healthy coping. The bottom-line is that if you’re asking yourself if you might have a problem or you’ve noticed an unhealthy pattern of use, it’s important to speak with a professional who can recommend next steps that are right for you.

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