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Caron Treatment Centers accepts patients aged 13 years or older. For more information on services available to those 12 and under, please learn more about Caron's Student Assistance Program.

We believe that the most effective addiction treatment is customized and comprehensive. That’s why every client begins their recovery with a thorough evaluation process. Our addiction counselors learn as much as they can about the client’s health, psychosocial history, and addictive behaviors, as well as any co-occurring disorders they may have. Then, we provide a written, individualized treatment plan that addresses the client’s specific clinical needs. No two plans are the same. 

Orientation Program

Adult CCS patients who present with chemical abuse issues during the evaluation process are required to attend The Orientation Program at Caron Counseling Services. This program consists of three, one-hour therapy sessions that cover psycho-educational and evaluative material. Sessions are flexible and can be scheduled at the convenience of the patient and their addiction counselor. 

Primary Outpatient Treatment

Caring for those who need a helping hand.

We recognize that not every client needs a life-overhaul in order to recover from addiction. Caron Counseling Service’s Primary Outpatient Treatment may be sufficient to help high-functioning individuals get back on track and lead addiction-free lives. Clients who are well suited for this level of care typically hold steady jobs, have supportive families and live in healthy home environments.

How it works.

Clients participate in 2-hour, weekly group therapy sessions for eight weeks. These sessions help clients address the clinical problems outlined in their treatment plans in a safe, therapeutic environment where they can explore their own problems and encourage others to do the same. Through the program, CCS staff teach clients how to overcome self-defeating attitudes with new problem-solving and emotional skills.

For more information on Primary Outpatient Treatment at CCS, please contact us at 610-743-6571 or fill out this form.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Recovering in a structured environment

Many people who struggle with addiction require and benefit from structured support as they pursue recovery. Intensive Outpatient Treatment may be right for individuals who neither lead stable lifestyles nor feel highly motivated to stop abusing substances.

While participating in Intensive Outpatient Treatment, individuals can continue to maintain other commitments, such as work, education, and caring for family. This flexible model affords clients the autonomy they need to seek focused treatment without severely interrupting their lives.

How it works

Intensive Outpatient Treatment is more aggressive than Primary Outpatient Treatment. This rehab program requires clients to spend 9.75 hours per week at CCS in Pennsylvania for eight weeks.

Clients may participate in:

  • Group Therapy sessions help clients address clinical problems through group conversations. Clients are encouraged to try new behaviors and challenge self-defeating attitudes.
  • Family Counseling, facilitated by an addiction counselor, encourages the client’s family to identify, discuss and address issues related to the client’s addiction. 
  • Multi-family Counseling group counseling is a forum for multiple families to come together to share experiences and support each other. Multi-family group counseling not only encourages families, it helps them understand the nature and consequences of addiction.

For more information on Intensive Outpatient Treatment at Caron Counseling Services in Pennsylvania, please contact us at 610-743-6571 or fill out this form.

Individual Counseling

Helping you recover through dedicated support

CCS clients who require individual counseling services are connected to dedicated addiction counselors. During one-on-one sessions, addiction counselors use the client’s evaluation and rehab plan to guide him or her through the process of exploring, verbalizing and working through addiction-related issues. The undivided attention that clients experience during individual counseling sessions equip them to achieve lasting sobriety and healing.

Family Counseling

Healing the whole family

Addiction damages the entire family. In order to heal, family members and clients must work together to identify and address addiction’s impact.  

How it works

We begin family counseling after clients have received their evaluations and treatment plans. Counseling sessions examine the addict’s clinical issues and problem areas in the family system, particularly sensitive issues that have never been addressed. This helps families move toward recovery. 

Family Counseling Services are available to clients and families in both the Primary Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient programs. Primary Outpatient family counseling works with clients and family members separately, while Intensive Outpatient family counseling treats clients and families together during weekly meetings.
Codependency Counseling

Healing relationships impacted by addiction

Sometimes, addiction leads to codependency —a condition where loved ones develop an unhealthy emotional or physical reliance on the addict. These family members need help to heal as well.

How it works

Codependency rehab program at Caron Counseling Services teaches spouses, parents and siblings how to cope with an addicted loved one. Through individual counseling and supplemental therapies (such as family counseling) the program:

  • Provides a basic education on codependency
  • Identifies family members’ self-defeating behaviors
  • Teaches coping skills and introduces recovery tools
  • Offers support

For more information on the Codependency Program at Caron Counseling Services in Pennsylvania, please contact us at 610-743-6571 or fill out this form.

Gambling Addiction Counseling

Reverse chronic, destructive behavior

For many people gambling is a harmless form of entertainment; but for some, it can develop into an addiction that affects financial and emotional security, as well as personal and professional relationships. We’re here to help.

How it works

Clients struggling with gambling addiction can enroll in our Caron Counseling Services Gambling Group. Our clinical experts will help clients address issues that trigger and perpetuate destructive gambling behavior, as well as:

  • Identify gambling patterns through an individualized assessment
  • Address issues relating to or underlying the gambling compulsion
  • Develop abstinence skills
  • Interrupt the patterns of addictive behavior

Gambling services may be covered by your insurance, or are offered through private-pay. Need-based state funding may be available to Pennsylvania residents. For more information on gambling addiction treatment at Caron Counseling Services, please contact us at 610-743-6571 or fill out this form.

Relapse Treatment

Regain long-term sobriety

Because addiction is a chronic disease, relapse can happen. Though it may be frustrating and disappointing, addicts can regain long-term sobriety with professional help.

How it works

We provide advanced relapse services to clients who have received treatment multiple times, maintained sobriety for a significant length of time, and are highly motivated to recover. Clients attend the program two hours a week for about twelve weeks. Sessions take place in the evening so that clients can participate in treatment while maintaining other commitments.

Caron Counseling Services Relapse Treatment is tailored to each client’s treatment goals. During treatment, Relapse Program Addiction Counselors help clients work through 12-Step principles, strengthen spirituality, practice personal accountability and develop relapse prevention skills. Family and individual sessions are also available upon request.

For more information on overcoming relapse at CCS in Pennsylvania, please contact us at 610-743-6571 or fill out this form.

Aftercare Support Groups

Even after treatment, help is available

Support groups are integral to sober living. Caron Counseling Services urges alumni and families to join support groups after treatment so that they benefit from all the encouragement, accountability, and hope that these powerful networks have to offer.

How it works

Caron Counseling Support Groups are available to anyone who has completed any CCS program or treatment. Our support group serves a wide array of individuals from the community, as well as Caron or other drug rehab alumni.

  • Parent and Family Support Group
    Occurs the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m.

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    Wyomissing, PA 19610

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Evaluations & Treatment Planning

Caron believes that the most effective addiction treatment is customized and comprehensive. Throughout our history, we’ve remained committed to creating care plans that address individuals’ unique challenges and life circumstances. First, we learn everything we can about the individuals who seek treatment with us. Next, we design personalized care plans that help each patient achieve lasting, holistic recovery.


All patients presenting for treatment at Caron facilities, including Caron Counseling Services, take part in a comprehensive evaluation process. Qualified addiction counselors conduct evaluations in order to learn everything they can about the patient’shealth, psychosocial history, addictive behaviors, and co-occurring disorders.

Based on their findings, counselors recommend the level of care most likely to help patients achieve long-term recovery. Depending on the patient, counselors may recommend outpatient treatment at CCS, inpatient treatment at one of Caron’s residential campuses, mental health services, or no treatment at all. Whatever the case may be, Caron professionals will help patients get connected to the care they need in order to heal and thrive.

Treatment planning

Every Caron patient, including those at Caron Counseling Services, receives a written, comprehensive, individualized treatment plan developed to address their clinical needs and conditions. Creating a treatment plan ensures that patients receive clinically justified treatment for each problem or condition that was identified during the evaluation process. Though some patients may benefit from similar treatments, no two plans are the same.