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Caron Counseling Outpatient Services

Dynamic outpatient rehab in Wyomissing, Pa

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Located in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, Caron Counseling Services (CCS) is an outpatient rehab program that serves teens, young adults, adults and their families. We believe that the most effective addiction treatment is customized and comprehensive. That’s why every client begins their recovery with a thorough evaluation process. Our addiction counselors learn as much as they can about the client’s health, psychosocial history, and addictive behaviors, as well as any co-occurring disorders they may have. Then, we provide a written, individualized treatment plan that addresses the client’s specific clinical needs.


845 N Park Rd
Wyomissing, PA 19610
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At Caron, we can help you build a treatment program that meets your needs.

With 60 years in the field, Caron Treatment Centers operates lifesaving addiction and behavioral healthcare treatment. Caron is headquartered in Wernersville, Pennsylvania with Ocean Drive and Caron Renaissance located in Palm Beach County, Florida. Caron has recovery centers in New England, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., which offer community and recovery support. Caron’s Recovery Centers in Atlanta and New York City also offer pre- and post-treatment services. Caron has the most extensive continuum of care including teens, and adults, chronic pain, executives, healthcare professionals and legal professionals. Caron’s outcomes-driven treatment care plans are customized to meet the needs of individuals and families – with highly trained teams prepared to address co-occurring disorders. Caron offers an innovative approach to ongoing recovery care support for its former patients and their families with online peer groups and other resources during the first year of transition following discharge.