Family Treatment & Programs

Family Programming at Caron Renaissance

Healing the family system by integrating families into the treatment process.

Man and woman emotionally hugging each other during a group treatment session.

At a Glance

  • Treatment components

    are tailored to each family’s specific needs.

  • A dedicated family therapist

    counsels and guides family members every step of the way.

  • A unique Residential Family Program

    works to restore the health of the family system.

Caron believes that “the patient is the family and the family is the patient,” meaning that both patient and family require treatment, time for healing, and support. As we help families understand that they are not the cause of substance use or mental health disorders, we also work with them to understand how each member may need to change in order to give the family system the greatest chance of success.

Treatment at Caron Renaissance begins with intensive psychosocial assessments of family systems in order to craft customized treatment plans. A dedicated family therapist works with each family to guide them in the treatment process and provides counseling to restore the family system to healthy functioning. Families also participate in specialized programming that includes:

Family Workshop: This multi-family workshop provides an invaluable opportunity for families to immerse themselves in restorative clinical work alongside their loved ones. The workshop’s primary goal is to shift family members' focus to their needs and help them develop skills to break the cycle of enabling and dysfunction. Family members and patients also work together, guided by clinical staff, to identify goals that support family recovery and better relationships.

The Residential Family Program: This unique immersion treatment addresses barriers to recovery for both the patient and the family (as well as other people important to the patient, such as employers, for example). By treating the entire family as the patient, we recognize and treat the pain carried by each member who has been affected by substance use disorder and other behavioral health disorders.

Family members live with the patient so that they can work to improve their relationship while in a clinically supportive environment. With the expert support of their clinical team, the patient and family members face issues that challenge their relationships—from grief, loss, and trauma to communication difficulties and attachment issues. Family members and patients also learn and practice skills, like setting boundaries, healthy communication, non-avoidant conflict resolution, and self-care.

Clinical impact visits: When immediate intervention is required, we set up a clinical impact visit for a family member, the whole family, friends, or business associates, as needed. During the visit, the patient and those invited to participate address issues that have come up during the patient’s treatment.

A team of dedicated, experienced family therapists guide you and your loved one through the treatment and recovery process.

Count on Caron Renaissance for guidance, resources, and encouragement throughout your Recovery for Life.

Continuing care services guide and support Caron Renaissance alumni family members as they work through issues identified during treatment.

A personalized plan, developed with the family therapist before the patient and family complete treatment, serves as guidance and support. The plan addresses the family’s specific concerns—such as boundaries and enabling, for example. It also recommends self-care activities, 12-Step meetings, and home accountability contracts as well as Caron Renaissance services like:

  • Family counseling
  • Family Alumni Buddy Program
  • Annual Family Recharge Weekend
  • Family support groups, organized by alumni family and supported by Caron Renaissance staff

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