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Digital Learning Program

Free, high-quality substance use prevention training and resources are available online.

Caron offers free substance use prevention programs.

Our Digital Learning Program is an innovative way to learn and develop strategies for teen substance use prevention and intervention. Programs are available for teens, parents/caregivers, and child-serving professionals such as school staff, administrators, school nurses, pediatricians, counselors, etc. The courses are free and can be completed anywhere, anytime.

Prevention and early intervention are key to addressing problematic substance use among youth. Through our programs you will learn about addiction and its impact on the brain and how to be an advocate in reducing the stigma and promoting recovery. Our digital courses were developed using the same quality content available through our in-person programs currently available at over 900 schools and child-serving organizations annually.

Course Design

Courses are designed to be interactive to engage participants and enhance their ability to learn and retain knowledge. Depending on the topic, courses may include video, animation, audio narration, and text as well as interactive tools like pop-up screens and drag-and-drop questions. For more information, download the Digital Learning Catalog or call Caron’s Education Alliance at 610-743-6117.


Overview of Caron's Digital Learning Program


The Benefits of Caron’s Digital Learning Platform

Digital Learning Programs

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Connect 5: Find the NicoTEEN-Free You!

CONNECT 5 is a nicotine reduction and cessation digital experience designed to help youth develop a plan personalized for their needs.

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PREP: Prevention Resources & Education For…

This program provides knowledge for parents, grandparents, and other caregivers which can help reduce the chances that your child will engage in substance use.

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Impact of Substance Use Disorders on the Family

This course teaches child-serving professionals how to provide understanding, support and resources to a family impacted by addiction.

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Vaping and Marijuana Trends Among Youth

This program provides school, child-serving, or healthcare professionals with the information and resources needed to impact youth and help them avoid substance use.

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Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment

This evidence-based practice helps professionals successfully conduct an SBIRT to identify, reduce, and prevent problematic use, abuse, and dependence on alcohol and illicit drugs.

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Substance Use & The Workplace

Designed for leadership and Human Resources professionals, this program will help organizations proactively create substance use policies and programs while also creating a responsible, supportive corporate culture. This course is available via the Cook Family Learning site for a nominal fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Because of a generous grant, we are able to offer these programs at no charge.

The time varies for each course though most are an hour or less. They are designed to be completed at each user’s own pace in one sitting or over multiple sessions. The nicotine cessation program for youth is structured as a weekly program for five weeks.

Once you click the button to launch the course, a “sign-in page” will come up with a link to a sign up page. Once you sign up, you can use your email and password to take any of the courses.

A description of the content of each program and the expected outcomes/goals are described on each course page. Please visit the course you are interested in taking for the learning objectives specific to that program.

You can take the courses on a personal computer or mobile device with an internet connection. CONNECT 5 is also available as an app through iTunes or Google Play.

Yes. You can use the certificate as proof of completion to apply for continuing education credits or to document your hours of professional development.

Yes, please contact our Education Alliance at 610-743-6117 so we can assist you.

The library includes:

  • For Teens: CONNECT 5- Find the NicoTEEN-Free You!
  • For Parents/Caregivers: (PREP) Prevention Resources & Education for Parents/Caregivers
  • For Professionals:
    • Vaping and Marijuana Trends Among Youth
    • Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment
    • Impact of Substance Use Disorders on the Family

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Read what our experts say about addiction and recovery.

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