Open the Door Campaign

The Keele Medical Center in Florida.

Announcing the Keele Center

It is with a great deal of pleasure that the Caron Board of Trustees has named the Florida Medical Center building the “Keele Center” in honor and recognition of Kathryn Keele for her generous support to bring this signature building to reality. As an organization, Caron is so grateful to Kathryn Keele for her transformational philanthropy to ensure the timely and uncompromised completion of what will now be called the Keele Center.

The Keele Center

The Keele Center allows Caron Florida the opportunity to provide detox services, guiding clients through the Caron experience starting at the front door. Whether that’s at our newly expanded Ocean Drive Residential program on the 4th Floor, our Older Adult Program on the 3rd Floor, or one of our time-tested, long-standing outpatient programs, clients can rest-assured they are in the expert hands of the Caron family. The Keele Center will also allow Caron to expand amenity offerings that complement the robust clinical and medical services already woven into our treatment experience.

Why Now? Three Important Factors

National Epidemic
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there were more than 93,000 drug overdose deaths in 2019-2020.

Crisis Impacting Older Adults
According to the National Institute of Health, nearly 2.8 million Americans age 50 and older meet the criteria for substance use disorder. That number is expected to nearly double to 5.7 by 2020, creating an immediate need for older adult inpatient programs.

Need for High Quality Treatment
Many families seek high quality care for inpatient rehabilitation throughout the United States, but unfortunately find it difficult to access world class treatment. Our goal is to reduce financial barriers, helping those in need of care take their first critical steps in our new Florida Medical Center.

The Solution

Caron has embarked on a $120M fundraising campaign to expand our facilities, invest in new behavioral health programs, and increase scholarship assistance for families. The name of this comprehensive effort is Open the Door Campaign, and the capstone is the construction of Caron’s Medical Center in Florida. Located on Linton Boulevard and Military Trail in Delray Beach, Florida within a few miles of our existing residential and clinical facilities, the site will serve as Caron’s welcome and admission center with some distinguishing features which may include:

  • 22 residential beds to treat the growing number of older adults impacted by addiction, one of the fastest growing health issues in America
  • Houses 8 residential suites for Ocean Drive to support expansion of programs
  • Supports 10 beds dedicated to medical supervision and detoxification
  • Becomes the center point for education of the next generation of medical professionals on the latest advances in the field of addiction treatment
  • Expands the infrastructure needed to support research that leads to new evidence-based treatments for families, offering more hope for future generations
  • Houses the expansion of innovative programs such as Neurofeedback Therapy, Chronic Pain Management, Trauma and Psychological Services, and Alternative Therapies, with flexibility to continually integrate the latest advances

Campaign Chair - Cortney Beebe

It is truly an honor to serve as the Chair of the FL Medical Center Campaign. Like many of you, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for what Caron has done for me and my family. Caron Renaissance and Ocean Drive have helped so many people already but to be able to expand our capabilities and help more people is exciting and also needed. For me personally, I can’t think of a better way to say thank you to Caron than being a part of this project."

Download the 2020 Campaign Newsletter
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Caron Florida Medical Center Naming Opportunities

Caron Florida Medical Center Naming Opportunities
Naming of the Building $5M SOLD
Therapy Pool and Tranquility Fountain $3M
Grand Lobby $2.5M SOLD
Second Floor/Medical Center $2.5M
Third Floor/Older Adult Program $2.5M
Fourth Floor/Ocean Drive Program $2.5M
Detox Center $1.25M
Ocean Drive Clinical Suite $1.25M
Ocean Drive Residential Suite $1.25M
Older Adult Residential Suite $1.25M
Auditorium $1M
Dining Commons $1M SOLD
First Floor Medical Suite $1M
Older Adult Clinical Suite $1M
Older Adult Medical Suite $1M
Serenity Pond & Walking Path $1M SOLD
First Floor Hope and Healing Garden Terrace $1M
Ocean Drive Executive Suite $750,000
First Floor Conference Room $500,000
First Floor Executive Suite $500,000
Ocean Drive Family Room and Private Dining $500,000
Fitness Center $500,000 SOLD
Wellness Suite $500,000
Patient Lounge - 4 $250,000
Second Floor Detox Office Suite $200,000
First Floor Family Lounge $200,000
Fourth Floor Family Lounge $200,000
Neurofeedback Suite $200,000
Ocean Drive Outpatient Lounge $200,000
First Floor Private Dining Room $200,000
Second and Third Floor Elevator Lobby - 2 $150,000
Grand Lobby Gift Shop $150,000
Group Fitness Room $150,000
Third Floor Medical Clinic $150,000
Third Floor Family Meeting Room $100,000
Large Group Therapy Room (Residential Floors) - 4 $100,000 2 Left
Ocean Drive Penthouse Bedroom - 8 $100,000
Private Family Lounge $100,000 SOLD
Nurses Station - 3 $75,000
Named Spa $75,000
Small Group Therapy Room (Residential Floors) - 2 $75,000
Large Office $50,000
Deluxe Client Bedroom $50,000
Employee Break Room - 2 $25,000
First Floor Elevator Lobby $25,000
Clinical Office $25,000
Client Bedroom $25,000
Grand Lobby Fountain $10,000
Portico Foundation $10,000
Trees $10,000
Serenity Bench $5,000
Hope and Healing Grand Paver $2,500
Hope and Healing Small Paver $1,000
Tribute Bricks $500

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