Catherine Caron's 100th Birthday

Catherine Caron at desk

Catherine Caron is often recognized as the heart of Caron Treatment Centers, but don’t be fooled by the photos of her planting flowers and softening the appearance of Caron’s PA campus. By the time Dick was established in his early recovery, Catherine had accumulated a wealth of first-hand knowledge of how addiction can affect a family. She was determined to put that knowledge to good use and is credited as the founder of Caron’s Family Education Program (FEP).

As we recognize the 100th anniversary of Catherine’s birth on April 9th of this year, it is time to bring her to the forefront. Catherine launched Caron’s family education and codependency treatment programs. She is the one who fulfilled Dick Caron’s vision after his passing. She took the helm at Caron during a time when women were not recognized for leadership. In addition to directing the executive functions of the organization, Catherine ensured exceptional patient programming by supervising all aspects of treatment and care. Gifts made to the Catherine Caron Fund in honor of her 100th birthday will support Caron’s Family Education Program (FEP), which involves five days of intensive education and family counseling. The program educates families and patients on the impact of addiction and promotes healing.

Catherine was a humble innovator ahead of her time. Because of our advanced addiction treatment programs and comprehensive behavioral health services, today Caron is a leader in the field. Prior to beginning residential treatment at Caron, it is essential that patients undergo medically-supervised detoxification, stabilization, and assessment in an appropriate on-campus medical facility. While this phase may be minimized at other treatment centers, it is essential at world-class facilities like Caron. In 2016, Caron will construct the Carole and Ray Neag Medical Center, designed to accommodate the combination of increased volume and a more diversified mix of patients.

Caron was the first treatment center to have a medically supervised detoxification center. As we continue to fulfill the vision of our founders, it is fitting that this capstone building will break ground during the anniversary year of Catherine’s 100th birthday. We hope you will join us in honoring Catherine with a gift in support of the new medical center.

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