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Military Couples Counseling: Veterans Healing Through Connection

Create, strengthen, and restore healthy intimacy.

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At a Glance

  • Learn how to develop

    a strong foundation for a loving, collaborative relationship.

  • Practice connecting

    and communicating.

  • Gain a better

    understanding of relationship dynamics.

This program is back in person, with live sessions during the summer in Rehoboth Beach, DE. Please call Joe Lauginiger at 610-413-5075 or email for more information or to register.

Program Highlights

This three-day workshop is designed for, active service members, veterans, and their significant others who want to create, strengthen, and restore healthy intimacy. In individual and group counseling sessions, couples practice connecting, communicating, and understanding relationship dynamics to develop a strong foundation for a loving, collaborative relationship.

Developed by licensed therapists, including a career Navy veteran, workshop topics include:

  • Turning barriers to intimacy into points of connection.
  • Turning toward your partner rather than away in times of stress.
  • Facing stressful situations together—particularly those specific to military couples like deployment, returning home, relocation, and parenting.

The program is open to any committed couple, regardless of marital status. All couples complete a brief intake form and are clinically screened by our facilitators who ensure that the workshop is an appropriate fit. We reserve the right to make final decisions on admission to the workshop.

Thanks to the generosity of several donors, including the Arlene and Michael Rosen Foundation, the workshop and its accommodations are free for qualifying couples. Childcare is not available.


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