Recognizing Signs You (or a Loved One) May Need Relapse Treatment

Signs that you may need relapse treatment

Have you been experiencing these feelings and behaviors, or noticed these signs in your loved one?

  • Engaging in relapse behaviors before experiencing a chemical relapse
    (ex: isolation, an increase in emotions that are difficult to manage, returning to old, problematic behaviors)
  • Losing ground in recovery
    (ex: decrease in spiritual and emotional growth, decreased meeting attendance, decreased use of a sober support system
  • Increasing compulsive behaviors
    (ex: increased focus on work, exercise, shopping, sex and relationships, gambling, internet and video game use, etc.)
  • Having difficulty managing emotions in healthy ways
    (ex: being overwhelmed with guilt and shame, sadness and grief, pain and fear)
  • Having relationship problems
    (ex: family/friends walk on eggshells around you, decreased open and honest communication, and secretive behaviors)
  • Losing hope that things will get better
  • Feeling like life feels out of balance
If these feel all too familiar, it may be time to talk to someone about relapse treatment.

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