My Experience at Caron

Arielle Nash

I honestly feel so lucky that I was able to go to Caron Renaissance. I was 19 years old when I arrived, and I came in with my life in shambles. I was completely unaware of myself, my behaviors, and the way my actions affected the people I loved who surrounded me. Caron Renaissance helped me to not only find myself, but improve my self esteem. I discovered a new way of life I had never been introduced to thanks to going to treatment at Caron Renaissance. It’s clear that all of the clinical team, as well as the staff really put every patients’ best interest at heart. They really showed me what true sobriety was meant to look like. One of my favorite things that Caron Renaissance does is introduce you to the 12 step program. The therapists help you process so much about yourself, while also encouraging you to get acclimated into the “real world.” Getting to go out with past patients was so helpful; I was able to see women just like me flourish because of this program.

A huge plus of going to Caron Renaissance is the alumni network. It’s been almost three years since I’ve been at treatment, and I still have so many close friends that I met going through this process together. Not only do I still maintain close friendships from the past, I now have a place to go back to. I am able to give back to the patients at Caron Renaissance during their process by helping to carry a message which was given to me. I love going back and taking new patients out to meetings, dinners, and coffee. It’s so nice to get to know new people and be able to relate to them. I’m just really grateful for the experience as a whole.

I can say with confidence that without having gone to a Caron Renaissance, I would not have the life that I have today. Caron Renaissance has gifted me lifelong friendships, shown me that I am able to live a life controlling my emotions, and helped me realize my worth while always working on growing my self esteem. I’m able to better myself each day; they’ve taught me that it’s a good thing to show my emotions and stay open and receptive to others. It truly is a blessing to be given an opportunity to work on myself and continuously grow. I came in with a terrible attitude; there was nothing to change in my mind. I was completely unwilling. Yet somehow, Caron Renaissance got through to me, and showed me that there was a better life to live than the one I was used to living. The life I have now is something I would have never imagined. I count my blessings everyday, and without my sobriety I wouldn’t have any of this. I thank God that I am sober, and I truly don’t think I would have had this same experience without the amazing treatment at Caron Renaissance

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