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Psychodynamic Approach to Addiction

Psychodynamic Approach to Addiction

The psychodynamic approach to addiction therapy looks at how past events, thoughts and circumstances shape a patient’s present behaviors. It is believed that these factors result in unconscious processes that cause a person to act in a particular manner.

For instance, a person who was abused in the past may exhibit behaviors that get in the way of healthy relationships, despite the individual’s expressed desire to form them. These unresolved conflicts and experiences might result in the need or desire to abuse alcohol or drugs. Learn about the stages of alcoholism.

The psychodynamic approach to addiction therapy is thought to be most effective as part of a comprehensive treatment program; it also may be more effective after a person has been sober for a period of time. Therapists who employ a psychodynamic approach to addiction treatment/therapy are specifically trained and possess significant knowledge of substance abuse, 12-Step programs and related topics. At Caron, we believe that the psychodynamic approach is a vital component of successful treatment.

For more information on the psychodynamic approach to addiction therapy, please view this comprehensive report.

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