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Recovery Support Groups

Living a life in recovery isn’t always easy, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Sharing your recovery burdens with likeminded individuals—people who truly understand what you’ve been through and what you’re going through—can help in a big way.

Make support groups part of your recovery journey today. Caron’s addiction recovery support groups and fellowship programs are available to all Caron alumni, families, and friends.


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Fellowship Groups & Programs

Caron fellowship groups and programs are supportive recovery communities that connect alumni, families, and friends. Some groups meet monthly to lend peer support, discuss recovery management, and offer opportunities for getting involved and giving back. In other locations, Caron offers quarterly Recovery for Life programs providing continuing recovery education and connection.

Looking for additional support? Visit our Recovery Resources section.

Caron Parent & Family Support Groups

The Caron Parent and Family Groups are designed to meet the needs of those with loved ones who are currently in treatment, are using alcohol and/or drugs in a problematic manner or are in recovery. Our mission is to help ourselves and in turn help others whose loved ones are struggling with addiction. The purpose of these groups is to provide family members a confidential, safe place to find support, education, encouragement and hope on their own path to Recovery for Life. All 18 years and older are welcome!

View our Parent & Family Support Group Welcome Packet and Resources

Looking for additional support? Visit our Recovery Resources section.

My Child is an Addict: A Parent-to-Parent Podcast

Conceived and developed by three fathers whose children are addicts, they are joined by several parent support group participants to offer other parents the support they need through this podcast.

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YARN Groups

The Young Adult Recovery Network (YARN) seeks to create and sustain a supportive community for young recovering addicts (18 to 35) who have completed addiction treatment. YARN Groups provide a safe, supportive community and helpful recovery management resources that allow young adults to make new friendships, expand support systems, and attend sober, fun activities post treatment.

Looking for additional support? Visit our Recovery Resources section.

Renaissance Support Groups FL

Led by Caron Renaissance family members, with the support of the Caron Renaissance clinical team, Caron Renaissance Family Groups serve, support, and encourage families of patients as they deal with the effects of their loved one’s substance abuse problems. This transformative family program addresses addiction in relation to family dynamics and Caron Renaissance’s clinical philosophy.

Looking for additional support? Visit our Recovery Resources section.

Young Adult Male Support Group

The Young Adult Male Support Group is a drug and alcohol addiction recovery community of young men who are looking to connect with other recovering addicts in their age group. This group is open to all recovering male adults between 18 and 33 years of age. This group meets weekly at Caron Counseling Services in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.

Looking for additional support? Visit our Recovery Resources section.

Gambling Support Group

The gambling addiction support group at Caron Counseling Services meets weekly in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania to address issues relating to or underlying gambling addiction, teach abstinence skills and, interrupt the patterns of addictive behavior.

Looking for additional support? Visit our Recovery Resources section.

Addiction Interaction Disorder Support Group

AID occurs when an individual battles two or more addictions at the same time. Addiction Interaction Groups help people with multiple drug, alcohol, or process addictions understand AID diagnosis and treatment; learn how to identify AID; access recovery resources; and build solid support systems. Caron offers AID groups at Caron Counseling Services, in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.

Looking for additional support? Visit our Recovery Resources section.