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When you support other Caron alumni as they work through the challenges of life after treatment, you not only strengthen their recovery, you renew your own.

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Caron Treatment Centers accepts patients aged 13 years or older. For more information on services available to those 12 and under, please learn more about Caron's Student Assistance Program.

Your support makes all the difference.

Getting help from someone who understands what you’re going through is invaluable for long-term recovery. When you support other Caron alumni as they work through the challenges of life after treatment, you not only strengthen their recovery, you renew your own. Learn more about how you can lend a hand to the Caron alumni community.

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Ways to Give Back

Give back with Caron.

When you volunteer your time and talents, you’re helping others in need and reinforcing your own recovery. We encourage alumni and families to support Caron and give back to the recovery community following treatment. Here are just a few ways you can get involved:

Volunteer your time and talents.

Your support and advocacy is invaluable to everyone involved with Caron. Thank you for all that you do to promote lifelong recovery! Contact for more details about how you can give back with Caron.

Renaissance Alumni Programs

Your involvement matters.

Caron Renaissance Recovery Care programs are great opportunities not only to take ownership of your own recovery, but also to mentor those who are new to the process. Alumni programs at Caron Renaissance include:

Support groups.

  • Continuing Care Groups. Caron Renaissance provides weekly Continuing Care Groups to support new graduates as they become more independent and autonomous in their recovery. Continuing Care Groups are great safety nets for those who are new to sober living. Groups are held at the Caron Renaissance offices at Beacon Square.
  • Aftercare Groups. Caron Renaissance provides alumni-led peer groups designed to provide support for alumni who participate in continuing care and actively take patients out on pass.
  • Family Support. Caron Renaissance alumni families and clinical staff work together to host support groups for families and siblings of Caron Renaissance alumni and patients.

Support systems

  • Aftercare Buddy Program. Each new Caron Renaissance patient receives a designated Aftercare Buddy. Aftercare Buddies—Caron Renaissance alumni who commit to offering consistent and regular encouragement—show patients how to utilize a sober support system while in treatment and beyond.
  • Alumni Buddy Program. Alumni Buddies volunteer their time (and phone numbers) for new patients. Patients can call alumni buddies with questions or concerns during their stay at Caron Renaissance. All Alumni Buddies must have one year of sobriety to qualify.
  • Alumni Family Buddy Program. Initiated in 2011, the Alumni Family Buddy Program offers alumni families the opportunity to connect with a newly admitted patient family. Alumni families lend support and help new families know what to expect during and following treatment at Caron Renaissance.


  • Regional Alumni and Family Recharge weekends. These events are opportunities for alumni and family members to reconnect and receive continued support. Recharge weekends include group sessions with two Caron Renaissance therapists, a luncheon, and a speaker.
  • Spirituality Retreats. Held periodically, these retreats are led by members of the Spiritual Services staff.
  • Alumni picnics, workshops, 5K races, and sports events . Monthly events encourage community, fun, and healthy living for Caron Renaissance alumni, family, and friends.


  • The Caron Renaissance Alumni Association (C.R.A.A). The Caron Renaissance Alumni Association supports and promotes alumni interest through projects which provide opportunities to serve Caron Renaissance patients and the local recovery community. All Caron Renaissance alumni are invited and encouraged to participate.
  • The Family Voice. Family members of Caron Alumni and Family members are encouraged to sign up for and contribute to Caron Renaissance’s monthly newsletter.

For more information on how to get involved in Caron Renaissance alumni programs, please contact Yasmin Sorte at or Lyndsey McMillan at