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At a Glance

  • A safe and affirming environment

    on our trauma-informed treatment center allows you to concentrate on healing.

  • Services address stigma,

    heterosexism, internalized homophobia, and discrimination.

  • Empathetic and understanding LGBTQIA+

    staff and allies offer connection and support.

  • Treatment specifically designed

    for the issues faced by LGBTQIA+ individuals (PA Campus).

Highlights of LGBTQIA+ Programming

Caron's programming is specifically designed to support individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, genderqueer, or non-binary (LGBTQIA+) and their families in need of treatment for substance use disorder.

We're committed to treating the whole person. We meet your needs with openness and understanding, knowing that your history and experiences with gender identity and sexual orientation are a part of your story.

At Caron Pennsylvania, we have a dedicated track for treating individuals and their family of choice through LGBTQIA-specific programming. At Caron Florida, we provide affirming and accepting services.

  • We are committed to cultural competency and provide ongoing training with our clinical team to ensure we meet our commitment.
  • Our medical experts understands the LGBTQIA+ community’s unique medical concerns and needs.
  • We also coordinate care with local, knowledgeable community providers.

LGBTQIA+ Track at Caron Pennsylvania

We have created a safe and affirming space with a treatment track designed specifically to support your treatment and recovery experience. Our specialized care includes:

  • Therapy and support groups for LGBTQIA+ patients and family members.
  • Treatment specifically designed for the issues faced by LGBTQIA+ individuals.

Specialized trauma-informed treatment at Caron Pennsylvania is uniquely supported by these groups designed to help you thrive in recovery:

  • The PRIDE Group is a place for open conversation about joys, achievements, progress, needs, concerns, and struggles and a chance to enjoy company, camaraderie, and shared experiences.
  • Family and Relationship Group addresses challenging dynamics in group members’ families of origin, as well as other important relationships. Members discuss how to establish healthy communication and boundaries to support their recovery process.
  • Spirituality Group: focuses where their experiences, negative and positive, with spirituality have led them and the role that inner wisdom plays in their lives, be it a meditative practice, renewal through time in nature, a religious faith, or some other source of strength and renewal.
  • Life After Treatment Group focuses on social connections, coping skills, aftercare resources, managing relationships with those who are not in recovery, and challenges in finding recovery meetings and support groups. Group members discuss how best to advocate for themselves and others in their personal lives, workplaces, and communities, whether for privacy, safety, equity, inclusion, or other priorities.

LGBTQIA+ Affirming Services at Caron Florida

Because the Caron Renaissance treatment model is clinically intensive and focuses on the whole person, you have a safe space to examine the impact of shame, stigma, and heterosexism on your life and relationships, opening a way to healthy self-acceptance. Our emphasis on family treatment also offers an opportunity, when clinically beneficial, for you and your family members to have direct, open, and honest dialogue that can lead to healthier and affirming relationships. Specialized services include:

  • Sexual concerns: We offer therapy for patients to address sexually compulsive or sexually anorexic behaviors, high-risk behaviors, and shame-inducing behaviors (which may or may not be related to sexual identity and/or sexual orientation).
  • Access to community meetings: You can attend meetings specific to the group(s) you identify with, such as transgender support and LGBTQIA+ 12-Step meetings.
  • Access to community events: We coordinate events with community partners such as the PRIDE center in Fort Lauderdale, INSPIRE in West Palm Beach, and Lambda North in Delray Beach.
  • Family engagement: We focus on family systems, including family of origin and family of choice. This collaborative therapeutic work enables you and your family members to address core identity issues in a safe and affirming environment.
  • Medical care planning: Through our relationships with medical professionals and endocrinologists with expertise in supporting transgender clients, you can seamlessly transition to a skilled community provider who understands your needs.

Life After Treatment in Caron Pennsylvania

• LGBTQIA+ retreats: During and after treatment, participating in renewal weekends with other current patients and alumni gives you space to relax, enjoy the warmth of being loved simply for who you are, and address recovery-related topics specific to the LGBTQIA+ community and sexual/gender identity.

• PRIDE alumni group: All individuals who identify as members of the LGBTQIA+ community are invited to attend our monthly PRIDE Alumni Group for support and connection.

• Alumni support services: An active Caron Recovery Community offers a tremendous source of support for enjoying life in recovery and gives you opportunities to support others as well. From specialized support services to gatherings, events, workshops, and support groups, you can draw upon the Caron community’s friendship, expertise, and recovery experience to build a healthy and rewarding life in recovery.

• Breakthrough at Caron: These intensive workshops focus on improving and modifying long-standing relationship and emotional patterns, giving you a safe place to explore harmful behaviors and ineffective patterns and begin to develop healthier relationships.

Ongoing Support for Your Next Steps

Family engagement: We believe that the family members, including people you identify as your family of choice, should be part of the treatment process. If you are dealing with rejection from your family because of your sexuality, our therapists can provide counseling for you and any family members you wish to include. Through multi-day family programming, patients and families receive a solid understanding of substance use disorder and learn skills to create healthy changes to the family system.

Continuing care planning: Your plan will include LGBTQIA+-specific resources and recommendations for recovery when you return home.


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