Calling all Creative Minds in Grades 8 - 12

Role Models for Change Design Contest

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Caron’s Role Models for Change Academy needs a design to use on materials and swag for students, schools, and the community. (i.e., water bottles, t-shirts, flyers, etc.)

Caron’s Role Models for Change Academy needs a design to use on materials and swag for students, schools, and the community.

What kind of design do we need?

We need a graphic to help create recognition and tell the story of our program and its purpose. The design should include:

  • The Role Models for Change Academy name or the acronym RM4C
  • A tag line
  • Graphic elements that are eye-catching

What is Swag?

Swag refers items that are given away to promote a program or organization. Examples of swag can include T-shirts, pens, water bottles, mugs, etc.

Your design should be:

  • Simple and easily recognizable with minimal text.
  • Scalable & Versatile so it looks good small (on a water bottle) or large (on a T-shirt) and can be easily used on a printed flyer or in electronic format for the website.
  • Memorable so it captures people’s attention, and will they recognize it when they see it again
  • Visual representation of the program that helps create understanding of what the RM4C program is about and appeal to those who might participate in the program.

What is the Role Models for Change Academy?

Caron Treatment Center’s Education Alliance offers a 2-part education program to train peer leaders who are willing to have a positive effect on their younger peers by helping them understand the negative impact of nicotine.


  • Develop and enhance leadership skills through team-building exercises and by learning effective communication skills
  • Learn nicotine-specific substance use information and understand the negative impact of nicotine, including vaping
  • Practice leading activities to share with their younger peers

Learn more about the Role Models for Change program at

Rules and Submission Guidelines

The RM4C Design Contest Official Rules and Guidelines:

  • Submission deadline: 5/22/2022. Winners will be notified by 6/2/2022
  • All students, Grades 8 – 12, are eligible to participate.
  • The family members of Caron Treatment Centers employees are not eligible to participate in the contest.
  • Submissions may be emailed to or uploaded at and include: Name, School, Grade, Address, Contact email or phone number.
  • The winner will be selected by a committee. Identifying information will be removed prior to the review by the committee.
  • Submissions become the sole property of Caron Treatment Centers. Contest entries will not be returned.
  • The contest winner will permit Caron Treatment Centers to use the images or reproductions of the works submitted indefinitely (a release form signed by a parent or guardian will be required for all winners). Winner acknowledges that original artwork may change when applied to promotional materials. Caron will take all reasonable efforts to ensure the integrity of the original artwork.
  • The winner may choose to remain anonymous in press and promotional materials.


  • Designs must be uploaded in an electronic format using the form below:
  • Files can be submitted in the following formats: .jpg, .png, or .pdf.
  • There are no restrictions for shape or color.
  • Logos promoting violence or profanity will be immediately disqualified.

Download and print a copy of the Logo Contest Flyer
Questions: Email or call 610-743-6117

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