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As a comprehensive addiction treatment and behavioral healthcare provider, Caron offers age-specific and gender-separate rehabilitation for teens, young adults, adults and seniors.

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Caron Treatment Centers accepts patients aged 13 years or older. For more information on services available to those 12 and under, please learn more about Caron's Student Assistance Program.
We meet our patients' and families' individual needs

Every teen, young adult, adult and senior has an integrated, multi-disciplinary team of highly trained and credentialed staff that is full-time and on-site. The team creates a plan that is based on each individual's needs.

When treating teens, young adults, adults and seniors, we recognize that drug and alcohol problems are rarely isolated: they go hand-in-hand with co-occurring disorders like depression, anxiety, trauma and eating disorders, to name a few. At Caron, we address these issues together with substance abuse, because concurrent treatment of all disorders is vital to a patient's success in treatment.

We also focus on treating the entire family, providing programs and treatment options that allow families to rebuild relationships and develop their own tools for personal recovery. More than just a drug rehab program, we are an integrated behavioral healthcare provider, meaning we help patients and their families develop healthy coping skills and create sober identities and friendships.

We define treatment groups by age, because various life stages share similar challenges.

Teens: Ages 13 to 18

Our Approach to Treating Teens

Adolescents Can Be a Tough Audience

As any parent of a teenager can tell you, teens can seem unknowable. There’s already a sense of distance and misunderstanding with almost every teen; for teens who have behavioral and addiction and substance abuse disorders, the rift between parent and child can seem impassable.

It doesn't have to be. Caron’s top clinical professionals have a wealth of experience communicating with, understanding, and helping teenagers through their complex addictions --and other problems, too. When treating teens, we recognize that substance use disorders are rarely isolated; they go hand-in-hand with co-occurring disorders. At Caron, we address these disorders together--the approach is vital to a patient's success in treatment.

For teens, co-occurring disorders can include:

  • mood disorders
  • sexuality/relationship issues
  • abuse/family problems
  • anger
  • self-loathing/low self-esteem
  • self-injurious behaviors
  • body image issues/eating disorders
  • anxiety/depression

And, because addiction is a family disease, we believe it’s important to treat the whole family by addressing dysfunctional behavior within the family unit -- the patient is the family and the family is the patient at Caron.

What About School?

We treat individuals so they can have a better future, and for teenagers, one element of the future is education. Caron is one of the only programs in the country offering onsite education. Teens in Caron’s treatment programs receive assignments from their home school and can work to maintain their academic status.

Learn more about our Inpatient Treatment Programs for Teens.
Young Adults: Ages 19 to 25

Our Approach to Treating Young Adults

A Time of Enormous Transitions

From ages 19 to 25, young adults are dealing with perhaps the most intense, most disruptive transitional period life has to offer. During this time, most young adults move from living with their parents to living on their own. They must face many new responsibilities, like paying rent and planning meals. They may be enrolled in college or making the next big step forward with a job search and a new career. These pressures can result in a sense of desperation, a feeling of being “caught” between adolescence and adulthood.

For these reasons, we separate young adults from adults in our behavioral health and addiction treatment programs, . Our staff is well versed with the many pressures young adults face. We help them overcome complex substance abuse problems and treat the many co-occurring disorders and issues this age group may face, including:

We Treat Drug and Alcohol Addiction Holistically for Lifelong Recovery

Caron’s behavioral health and addiction rehabilitation program treats mind, body, and spirit. Starting with the primary addiction and encompassing all of an individual’s issues, we help young adults realize their need for a life-long recovery plan. Then we assist them in developing the desire, tools, and support to create it.

Learn more about our Inpatient Treatment Programs for Young Adults.
Adults: Ages 26 to 64

Our Approach to Treating Adults

We Get It: Your Needs and Concerns

Adults often face overwhelming responsibilities, stresses, and demands. You may have children who rely on you, a concerned spouse, family and social pressures, and more. At Caron, we understand, and we’ve designed our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs with this in mind. We know you’re going through a lot, so we also factor in possible simultaneous (co-occurring) disorders and issues, such as:

  • Anger, shame
  • Anxiety, depression
  • Parenting concerns
  • Family of origin issues

Here, addiction treatment simultaneously speaks to your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. We create individual treatment plans for each person based on (but not identical to) a 12-step program. To give you the greatest possible advantage, we also teach relapse prevention skills.

Discover our Inpatient Treatment Program for Adults.
Seniors: Ages 65+

Our Approach to Treating Seniors

Substance abuse (particularly prescription drug abuse) in older adults is the nation's fasting growing health problem. Caron has a compassionate solution.

Individuals 65 and older have a special set of concerns and emotions. They may be dealing with loneliness and isolation; the dramatic change (and possible boredom) of retirement; health issues; loss of loved ones; and many other issues.

With approximately 10,000 people turning 65 every day, prescription drug abuse (often prescribed for insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain, and other age-related conditions) is on the rise. When prescription drugs are mixed with alcohol, the effects can mimic other conditions, making early and accurate diagnosis more challenging.

At Caron, we understand the importance of age-specific rehabilitation and provide holistic treatment for prescription drug addiction and other substance abuse problems. Along with alcohol and drug problems, we address a multitude of co-occurring disorders for seniors (65+) while integrating systematic and behavioral health techniques; all designed to preserve dignity and build self-esteem.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel: Research has shown that older adult addicts can learn new things and have successful treatment results—they tend to follow treatment regimens more thoroughly.

Learn more about our Inpatient Treatment Programs for Seniors.

Our Approach to Treating Families of Addicts

Treating the Whole Family Is Critical

Addiction and behavioral health issues affect  persons with substance abuse problems and their loved ones. We understand that the families of addicts are deeply affected. Family members want to help their loved one, but the situation is delicate. Sometimes, the addiction becomes the family’s focus, throwing it into chaos. Addiction to drugs and alcohol inevitably leads to pain, confusion, and sadness.

At Caron, we believe the patient is the family, and the family is the patient. In other words, we believe it’s crucial (and in some cases required) for the family to be engaged in holistic rehabilitation from the very beginning of the pre-admission process.

We bring family members into the admission and assessment process from the start, so that their input can form the basis for a personalized addiction treatment plan. At Caron Renaissance, we pair new families with an alumni family “buddy” who can provide support, answer questions, and share experiences.

Each situation is different, but some of the ways in which family members might be involved in their loved one’s treatment include:

  • educational programming
  • talking to a family addiction counselor who is not part of their loved one’s clinical team
  • weekly phone calls with staff during the loved one’s treatment
  • intensive three-day family workshops aimed at identifying dysfunction and breaking the cycle of enabling
  • participation in Caron Renaissance’s Residential Family Restructuring Program

As family members work toward personal recovery, they are able to move toward healthier relationships with their loved one.

Learn more about our Programs for Families.
Children of Addicts: Young Children and Teens

Our Approach to Treating Children of Addicts

Prevention is Key

There are many risks for children who grow up in an environment characterized by alcohol or drug abuse. One of the chief among these is the potential for those children to repeat the behavior they see and become addicts themselves. Caron is dedicated to the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse, and we feel it’s never too early to start talking to kids about the dangers and consequences of substance abuse.

We approach each age group in a way that addresses its specific needs and concerns, with age-appropriate language, tools, and environments. The Satell Family Children and Teens program imparts the information, skills, and values that young people who have been affected by addiction need to make healthy choices and feel empowered to say no to drugs and alcohol.

The Satell Family Children and Teens Program

The Satell Family Children and Teens Program at Caron Pennsylvania educates children and teens about the disease of addiction and how each family member is affected by it. We utilize a structured program approach that is suitable for children and teens ages 7-15. The goal of this program is to provide an educational and fun experience, in a safe and caring environment, that will help children build the skills they need to:

  • Understand that addiction is a disease that progresses over time
  • Understand that they are not responsible for their loved one’s drug problems
  • Appropriately process their feelings around the fact that substance abuse has impacted not only their family member, but also themselves
  • Understand the process of treatment and recovery
  • Identify a support system and how to utilize it
  • Develop healthy coping and problem-solving skills
  • Find hope while living in a family impacted by addiction
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Make healthy choices
  • Open new lines of communication with family members

This program is not considered to be treatment, so no medical record is maintained. At the end of the program, each family will be provided with a list of resources in their hometown to continue the healing process for their child.

Learn more about The Satell Children and Teens Program.

Individuals who have Relapsed

Our Approach to Treating Individuals who have Relapsed

Addiction Is a Chronic Disease

A chronic disease is a long-lasting condition that can be controlled, but not cured. Because chemical dependency is chronic, there’s potential for someone who is in recovery from an alcohol or drug addiction to slip back into old patterns and behaviors; in other words, to relapse. There are many reasons why an individual in recovery may relapse. They may experience feelings that they perceive as negative, such as anger, sadness or loneliness; simply being in the presence of people or places where they used to get high may precipitate the relapse; or physical pain or even boredom could also trigger a relapse. A relapse can occur any time in a person's recovery; immediately following treatment or after a sustained period of recovery.

As a pioneer in treating those who have relapsed, Caron's addiction and behavioral healthcare treatment model allows the clinical staff to help patients and their families disrupt negative patterns of behavior, avoid triggers, develop relapse prevention skills.

Recovery is the process of building a new life, and that takes time. Caron’s skilled and experienced addiction professionals are there to lead you and your family through the darkness and back into a life of sobriety and recovery.

Learn more about our Inpatient Treatment Programs for Relapsed Individuals.
Healthcare Professionals

Our Approach to Treating Healthcare Professionals

We Understand: You’re in a Special Situation

Substance abuse affects people from every walk of life, and healthcare professionals are just as vulnerable as their own patients. For many, the fear of losing the respect of patients and peers, professional integrity, and a clinical license, is a huge barrier to acknowledging an alcohol or drug problem and pursuing treatment.

Caron recognizes the unique needs of healthcare professionals who may be struggling with a drug or alcohol problem. Caron has two established programs for healthcare professionals at their Pennsylvania location—a Residential Assessment Program to rule in or out a substance use disorder diagnosis; and an inpatient, residential treatment program.

Drug rehabilitation and behavioral health treatment for healthcare professionals is under the executive leadership of Caron's highly credentialed and experienced addiction medicine team, which has more than 50 years of combined experience working with healthcare professionals.

We offer a comprehensive addiction treatment program created specifically to help you take control of your personal and professional life by:

  • providing a private and safe setting for coming to terms with addictive behaviors
  • addressing sensitive issues and identifying barriers to sobriety that are unique to healthcare professionals
  • creating an individualized continuing care plan

Our goal is to help healthcare professionals cope with addiction and learn skills for sober living.

Learn more about our Inpatient Treatment Programs for Healthcare Professionals.
Executive Professionals

Our Approach to Treating Executive Professionals

Privacy is paramount for prominent adults- Caron provides the necessary discretion.

C-suite executives, attorneys, politicians, artists and performers, and others with significantly developed careers are just as susceptible to addiction as everyone else, and may have more exposure to drugs and alcohol than most people. We understand that such prominent adults have special concerns when it comes to seeking help for substance abuse problems. Key among these is your privacy in order to maintain your personal integrity and reputation, as well a treatment experience that matches your lifestyle and places you amongst others who have common experiences and expectations.

Caron’s mission is to meet individuals where they are, and this holds true for those who have achieved great success. At Caron, we are able to meet the needs of individuals who have achieved great success by providing a rehabilitation environment that matches their lifestyles. We recognize that prominent adults such as CEOs, medical administrators, attorneys, politicians, musicians, artists and other highly regarded professionals need greater latitude and amenities, as well the ability to engage with likeminded patients in the same community.

We offer two programs for Executive Professionals in Florida and Pennsylvania at our Ocean Drive and Grand View locations.