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“The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth” Educational Workshop to Dispel Misperceptions about Marijuana Safety

Behavioral health experts to discuss myths and facts about THC and more on June 28 at Caron Atlanta

Atlanta, GA – June 21, 2019 - Caron Treatment Centers, a leading, nationally and internationally recognized not-for-profit dedicated to addiction and behavioral healthcare treatment, research, prevention and medical education, will host an educational workshop about marijuana on Friday, June 28, 2019, from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Caron Atlanta on Ashwood Parkway. “The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth,” event aims to educate attendees about the often minimized and understated risks of marijuana use. Experts will discuss how changing laws and relaxed attitudes toward marijuana contribute to confusion in communities. Specifically, experts will differentiate between medical marijuana, CBD, THC, and hemp products, and explain how marijuana use can impact the developing brain. “Legislation recently passed in Georgia now allows medical marijuana to contain the highest level of THC in the nation – enough to generate a powerful high. The law also permits people to possess up to 20 ounces of that liquid which, with manipulation, can easily be morphed into a more highly concentrated and dangerous product,” said Dr. Susan Blank, MD, Medical Director of Caron Atlanta, President of the Georgia Society of Addiction Medicine and a presenter at the event. “As a result, I have grave concerns about those who will be adversely affected by this law, particularly teens and young adults. Now is the time for health and wellness professionals to understand these issues so they can identify at-risk behavior and support early intervention.”

In fact, prominent peer-reviewed studies reinforce that marijuana can have a negative impact on the brain, especially for those under age 25 or those prone to mental illness. Recently, a study published by JAMA Psychiatry found that annually 400,000 cases of depression among U.S. teens can be attributed to marijuana. A New Zealand study also showed that long-term marijuana use is associated with a 6-point drop in IQ. States where marijuana is legal also report increased emergency rooms visits, higher incidents of psychosis and a spike in fatal car accidents.

In addition to Dr. Blank, presenters include:

Gregg Raduka, PhD, LPC, ICPS
Executive Director, CEO of Let’s Be Clear Georgia and Let’s Get Clear Georgia Dr. Raduka is the founder, Executive Director and CEO of Let’s Be Clear Georgia, a non-profit prevention organization, and Let’s Be Clear Georgia, a non-profit advocacy organization. Both agencies are designed to prevent marijuana abuse and dependence. Dr Raduka, a Licensed Professional Counselor and an Internationally Certified Prevention Specialist, has worked in the substance abuse prevention and treatment sector for the length of his career. He helped to design and implement the first Adolescent Chemical Dependency Treatment Program at Ridgeview Institute in Cobb County.

Robert Margolis, PhD
Dr. Margolis founded Solutions Intensive Outpatient Program in 1998 and is nationally and regionally renowned as a pioneer in the addiction treatment sector. Dr. Margolis also co-authored a groundbreaking book entitled Treating Patients with Alcohol and Other Drug Problems, that now serves as one of the standards in the field for psychologists.

Caron Atlanta is located at 1200 Ashwood Parkway, Suite 125 in Atlanta. Services include assessment, intensive outpatient programs and individual therapy.

Caron Treatment Centers
With 60 years in the field, Caron Treatment Centers operates lifesaving addiction and behavioral healthcare treatment. Caron is headquartered in Wernersville, Pennsylvania with Ocean Drive and Caron Renaissance located in Palm Beach County, Florida. Caron has recovery centers in New England, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., which offer community and recovery support. Caron’s recovery centers in Atlanta and New York City also offer pre- and post-treatment services. Caron has the most extensive continuum of care including adolescents, young adults, adults and older adults. Caron also offers specialized programming for chronic pain, healthcare professionals, executives and lawyers. Caron’s treatment is customized to meet the needs of individuals and families – with highly trained teams prepared to address co-occurring disorders. Caron offers an innovative approach to ongoing recovery care support for its former patients and their families with online peer groups and other resources during the first year of transition following discharge. For more information on Caron, please visit Caron at or follow us on Twitter.

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