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Father Bill

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news that our beloved Father Bill is now at peace in heaven. Father Bill was a true Caron legend as he was a champion for our patients, alumni, staff, and greater community for over three decades, i.e., half of Caron Treatment Centers existence.

In the tradition of Dick Caron, he would go the extra mile, and then another mile to help any individual or family that was impacted by Substance Use Disorder. When someone needed help, their station in life mattered not to Father Bill, as he was always equally committed to providing the absolute best.

For those of us that had the good fortune of attending “Father Bill’s Sunday Chapel Service,” being at a SMACKED meeting facilitated by Father Bill, or watching him work one on one with someone in need, we knew that God was always working through his “Servant” – Father Bill.

Father Bill is now with his beloved Lord and Savior, and probably attending or “running” a 12-Step meeting with those other Saints that were impacted by this illness, that we all know so well.

Once there are details regarding Father Bill’s funeral and a memorial service that will be held in “Father Bill’s Chapel,” we will certainly provide you with that information. In the meantime, let’s do, indeed, pray for each other as we are all a part of Father Bill’s extended family, and we have all lost an important part of what has made Caron so special over the past three decades. God bless each and every one of us so that we may continue Father Bill’s life-long work.

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