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Value-Based Care for Addiction Treatment

Caron's Model for SUD Treatment Works

To advance our mission of Recovery For Life, we developed insurance partnerships to increase the access to high quality care to treat more people. As evidenced in a 2016 Independence Blue Cross (IBC) pilot study of value-based care, which was presented at the 2021 RxSummit, Caron's model for substance use disorder (SUD) treatment works.

Caron partnered with IBC to pilot a reimbursement model that allowed us to provide the patient-centric care we knew worked. The high rate (94.4%) of 90-day post-treatment recovery shows that Caron's approach on quality, interdisciplinary treatment protocols with a median inpatient stay of 25 days, combined with a long-term disease management plan, is successful. A value-based or outcomes-driven reimbursement model supports the treatment of SUD as a chronic, treatable brain disease because it prioritizes the use of evidence-based practices, medically appropriate modalities and appropriate length of stay.

When you treat addiction as the chronic disease it is, by focusing on the individual needs of the patient mentally, physically and spiritually as well as the family and having the length of time you need to truly treat the individual – you get better outcomes for patients."

Dr. Joseph Garbely

Q&A with Brad Sorte and Doug Tieman

Perspectives on the CEO transition, accomplishments, challenges and opportunities for Caron and the addiction treatment community

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Pioneering Research for Addiction Medicine

Caron's Fran & Doug Tieman Center for Research will focus on brain chemistry and medical research to leverage scientific advancements and increase the probability of Recovery For Life.

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Multiple insurance partners increases access to high quality care.

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