Outpatient Treatment

Caron Atlanta Outpatient Treatment Center

As licensed outpatient provider, we treat teens, young adult, adults and their family members.

Female doctor with a red notebook and pen talking to a female patient in consulting session.

At a Glance

  • As a licensed outpatient provider, we

    treat teens, young adults, adults, and their family members.

  • Our full continuum of services

    includes assessments, intensive outpatient services, referrals, recovery support, and prevention education.

Comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Assessments

  • Caron believes that the most effective substance use disorder treatment is individualized, which is why our patients undergo a comprehensive evaluation process. Qualified therapists conduct evaluations to learn everything they can about the patient’s health, psychosocial history, addictive behaviors, and co-occurring mental health and addictive disorders.
  • Based on their findings, therapists recommend the level of care most likely to help patients achieve wellness and long-term recovery. Depending on the patient, counselors may recommend outpatient treatment at Caron Atlanta, inpatient treatment at one of Caron’s residential campuses, or mental health services.

Intensive Outpatient Services

  • The Adult Program (age 18+) supports patients as they create a life in recovery. Groups meet three days a week for three hours. In a group therapy setting supported by an experienced therapist and other group members, patients learn to deal with their emotions in a healthy way, resolve the challenges that come up, and develop coping skills. The counselor also provides recovery resources as needed.
  • The Teen Program provides group therapy and support three days a week for three-hour sessions. Supported by an experienced therapist and their peers, patients learn healthy ways to deal with their emotions, overcome self-defeating attitudes, and find enjoyable and engaging sober activities. Frequent substance use screenings provide accountability and reassurance.
  • The multifamily group provides education, support, and counseling for family members, spouses, and significant others, enabling patients to create healthier relationships.
  • Individual counseling with a skilled therapist helps patients build a stronger foundation for lasting recovery. Family members can also meet with a counselor to identify, discuss, and address how the patient’s alcohol or drug use has affected them.
  • Weekly outpatient groups for teens, adults, professionals, college students, men in early recovery, and women in early recovery provide a safe space to deal with issues and challenges as they come up.
  • Case management meetings allow the treatment team to review treatment plans, chart progress, and address newly identified clinical issues with the patient.

Family Education and Support

  • Parent and family support groups provide a confidential, safe place for family members to find resources, support, networking opportunities, encouragement, and hope.
  • A therapist-led education group for parents, significant others, spouses, and extended family whose loved one is struggling with the disease of addiction offers a forum to discuss codependency, enabling vs. support, healthy communication, and other topics.

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